29 August 2007

Ole Gunnar Solksjaer..... The Legend

Man U of late seems to celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo.... He scores goals.. But is he a good player? Ever since the worldcup-rooney-incident (as far as i m concerned, even b4 that), the fans world has been divided into those who love him and those who dont. And the latter outnumber the former by quite a margin.. BUT LOOK! Look! here's one player loved by all.... Be a Chelsea fan, arsenal fan, liverpool fan... You will still salute the career of Solksjaer, ManU's best bet ever.

But then, when the world of football is about diving to get penalties, playing on the opponents' emotions, sledging and a lot more of that nonsense, recently, when my dad asked me one day(actually 3 in the morning) why the hell i watch a ruffians' game through the night, there.... inside ManU itself, i showed him one guy watching whom was a delight and who played football in the truest sense, for the love of the game, a player beyond clubs and nations, a player to whom personal achievements were secondary (starting on the bench often than not, much to my dismay and to that of a million other fans..), he's one player you could alwez count on.... Ole.

One star who shone among the darkness, and who made the game more beautiful.

He's one reason why i love soccer.

'99 league final, that drubbing at nottingham forest... He made football look a lot better than what people do today.

Thank you, Ole.

The Game of football owes u one. :'-)

11 years of fantastic football... curtains!

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