05 December 2007

Wat can you expect?

Among a herd of mindless IT professionals, that's where I am. herd? yes..

They don't think. They don't act. They act like faithful slaves to the organisation and especially to their immediate managers, and pull the rug from under their manager's feet whenever they get a better offer from any other company. I cannot see people doing this.. all i can see is big MNCs luring dogs with a biscuit tied to a string or more appropriately, these companies are enjoyin the fishing. Herd, they are.. No.. Not me.. I won't be 5 sensed at any point of my life. That's not the aim of my life.

4 lpa, 5 lpa.. why the hell.. I am paid like hell and the only work i gotta do is not to do anything. I dont need to work, i dont have to attend trainings, i dont need to come to office, i have a phone, PC, AC, coffee/tea/cappucino/latte free through out the day.. in short, this is what many refer to as "The Bench."

Benching is not a negative concept at all. You get all the facilities mentioned above, you can read for your higher studies entrance exams (though i did not! :) ), you can enjoy life outside office and at times, even inside.. But where does all of this lead to?

Approaching the end of one year. You apply for MBA, you apply for MS, and some dunces apply for another IT company. The first question headed your way is, "What did you work on for this 12 months?". Stumped.

The reason why i joined an IT company in the first place is not because of the biscuit.. I just wanted to work somewhere for an year or two.. The deal was he'd give 4 lpa and i'd have to do some work on embedded that i was really interested in. Deal. I thought it was a perfect Win-Win situation.

But then, there are no traces of the all those out-of-the-world projects that were shown to me prior to the placement here. Not that they were lying, but all those projects are done in their Japan and Taiwan offices! Not one of them is done in India. Well, what can you say... No individual's that big to sue a multi billion dollar company and get away in one piece.

I planned to ask my manager regarding the same.. all of the fellow BeNcHbOyS around me tell me, "No!" "Dont do it" "You may lose your job" "Be as polite and patient as possible"..

Silence over sense, i read somewhere. Thats wat they prefer. I dont give a damn! Everyone here is paid to do his work, be it the VP or a BPO guy.

Very big companies are more or less government offices now.. the same issues that plague this country plague them too. From Lethargy to Ego to every damn thing.

There is some gear somewher who doesn't do his work. It's so difficult to find out the one among a million gears. Then the connection breaks slowly and steadily, and the clock stops ticking the way it should. And when it does fail completely, it is difficult to find out the culprit, because none of the gears are running at all..

What should have been a "tick tock tick tock" is a "tick tick tock tick" or "tock tick tock tock" now... And one day there wont be any ticks or tocks.