10 January 2008

Sit tight and LISTEN!

Hey ppl,

Glad to be back among words.

Wrote CAT in 2006 November. Ariyaa vayasu... MBA na enna ne seriya theriyaadu.. 99.71 with the biggest ever flop show in Verbal.

Apavae sonnen.. 2007 2008 free.. will write again in 2009 nu.. In fact, i was afraid to write CAT in 2006 itself, because i did not want to repeat my engineering debacle. ..

"Doing something because everyone did it." If left to me and the single-window system, i would have been the last fellow on earth to choose Electronics and Communication Engineering. Electronics.. Physics la enakku pidikaada orey chapter. I was dreaming about Biotechnology and Bsc Physics and Mechanical engineering. Irundaalum ECE eduthen.. Yaen?

Biotech future India la illa.. U have to come to US.. - Courtesy, my brother. Which i now see to be true. Top Biotech researches are being done at the top US univs... And i am an India-fanatic.. in the sense I don't LIKE to leave India. Though it sure isn't the same as i won't leave India.

Bsc Physics - doing it in India is pathetic. - everybody.
True. I applied for NUS and my choices-priority wise-read as follows
1. Bsc Physics
2. medicine
3. CS engg
4. Dentistry
Perhaps the ppl at NUS thought that the list was at best ambiguous. So, i got rejected despite a good academic score and extra curricular record. :)

Mechanical Engg - NO!! - Courtesy, every person i met. "You'll get ECE and CS in top colleges for your mark.. why in the world are you thinking about Mechanical?" I won't accept it to be true (and i didn't, but to no avail), though i don't want to argue about it now that it is a thing of the past...

Got into ECE at CIT.. spent 4 years trying to learn about things i wish noone ever invented.

Then, the scene shifts to 2007 January. I was so happy about my CAT marks. It both proved i am eligible for an IIM any day (since i could get so much by just browsing through mock papers for 2 weeks) and also that there was no way i was going to get into one in 2007 June, thanks to Verbal.

I didn't know what people learnt at the IIMs.. i knew it was management and i knew it meant money.. huge amounts.. I was not ready to do something, i did not know about.

Right from my childhood, i had to know why i am asked to do something before doing it. "Why should i do it? What difference does it make?" These kind of questions have to be answered before i do anything. MBA? i really did not know then..

Come 2007 November.. And i had ANNOUNCED to the world i was just taking CAT for fun, and not seriously, just to ensure i don't lose touch (though it sounds kinda arrogant n overcnfident, thats it! ;) ).

Just Sit tight and LISTEN folks (title of the post).. if you wake up one fine day and go write CAT just like that with the last serious mock cat you took was an year ago (the previous cat :D), it's a crime, and i repeat, A CRIME, if you clear it! 96 is not a bad mark to me, NO! it means i can get 96 anyday with an 85 min in all three sections and a 97+ in quants... That's all i wanted to know... if i was eligible for an IIM and an S P Jain! that's t! So stop asking me my marks as if something went terribly wrong for me!

I had been announcing from January 2007 that i won't waste an year of work experience for anything! I needed atleast 2 years at IBM(or any other company for that matter), and a desired 3 years, before i did anything close to an MBA! I want my work experience to be counted as a better part of my profile rather than a temporary stint! I want to prove something, folks! Otherwise, wats the difference between me and all the trash talking folks who are "ALSO" PGDBMs?

I must plan and decide WHAT i am going to learn and strengthen there before i actually step in.. It's taken a year for me to get a basic idea about my future, and it's gonna take 2 more before i decide.. I wont take CAT 08 seriously either! (unless i feel suicidal at work, which doesn't seem to be the case..)

CAT 2009 will be my serious attempt, and that's how the picture looks. I will take CAT 08 too, but no, don't ask me bout it. I announce it here!


  1. You can do it even now. I have decide to do Bsc (Maths) which I wanted to join after finish schooling. When there is a will there is a way.

  2. bsc maths? where n how r u goin to do it?