16 February 2008

Crazy post, this!

Back in Chennai for the weekend, and back among words. :) Two things i most definitely love.

There are four things you can dedicate yourself to....

1. Do what you want to do..

2. Do what you are good at...

3. Do what others want you to do..

4. Do what others think you are good at..

Think this needs no more explanation.. Any questions?

The choice is yours.

Can i make a career out of freaky writing?

I ain't very good at writing, to be frank.. Probably the best i could do was be one of the top 50 writers at college.. Not a great sign for a career out of writing, but still, writing is something i prefer to operating systems. And writing? Not the sort of research writing or serious political analysis stuff.. I can still do that if necessary, but then , not the most preferred, i must say. All i want to do in life is commenting, commentating (does the word exist???!) and of course, the title should come somewhere in the post, write some 'balderdash', as a kolkatakaar friend of mine would say.

But then, i know i ain't a great writer.. so going that way is probably.. a stupid decision. yeah, i can hear you scowling, "You need to improve your writing bos, and ya can go yar way!", but wat the hell is the big idea in 'improving'? How can you improve in writing nonsense.. Oh no, if i hear your mind right, you are asking me to stay in my bangalore house for some more time.. That's gonna improve my nonsense for sure, and at the end of it, Kilpauk will be waiting to embrace me! (as if it's not already!)

Next, we move on to what i am good at.. Acads.. Yes, ok, fairly good at that. But heck no, no researches pls.. I ain't the kind of person who likes wine.. The more i know about stuff, the more interested i should be in knowing a fat lot more about the stuff... Come on, ppl.. I get bored very.. and note, VERY easily.. I don't even like the same colour for a long time.. Black and blue have been my favourite colours most of the time, and i haven't fancied green much.. But then, most of the time is not exactly the same as all the time. Then wth (this time, where the hell) does research come into the picture???

Operating systems.. That comes under an all new category, WHAT I ACTUALLY DO!!!! NOw, this is a damn interesting part of Computer Science.. I love it, but i don't know how long this love will last, given the fact that i have a reputation for losing interest in things (probably something to do with a psychiatrist??? :) paithyathuku vaithiyam paakara paithyakaara doctor ke ennala paithyam pidichaa, apram anda paithyathuku vaithiyam paakara paithyakaara doctor ah endha paithyathuku vaithiyam paakara paithyakaara doctor ta kaatradhu??? fine, i guess i was talking about nonsense sometime earlier, and this one, i think, is Crazy Mohan's..)

Back to OS.. I like it, and i like doing it, though i am not very good at CS-oriented concepts. But then, advancing in an OS career is risky, as any technical career requires that you learn more, more and more avbout the subject every passing day.. Basically... I am a somberi, you know!

Categories 3 & 4.. Damn, i don't give a damn about those!

And that's all i got to say about it.

And yeah, by what all you see on this page, please tell me if i can make a career out of freaky writing!!!!


  1. Is that Kolkata friend of yours is Manoj bharathi??

    I am not an expert in writing either, but I find you post quite amusing..

  2. Of course it is Monkey... Who else!!

    Amusing? That is my aim, anyway!

  3. Hey,
    Well,its ridiculous right-when u consider what u really wanna do and what you are actually doing and what others want you to do!!hmm..interesting view point!Btw,checkd out your quiz blog-It has to be good,coz i did not know the answer to any question;)