06 April 2008

Ambition - N.A

* Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy! *

Lazybones rock, and this is to prove it.

Interesting thought. Probably in today's world, the word LAZY is looked down on, as more of a negative word. What is being Lazy?? Not doing something now, since there is no necessity to do it now. Not that we'll never do it.(Did i say we??) We will do it. But that's only when we have to do it.

No point buying an umbrella in summer and waiting for the rainy season. I'll buy one the day when it rains. It prolly costs me a few bucks more, but saves me the burden of carrying it around unnecessarily.(bad example, i should say, but that's the point anyway.. Think of life and its problems.. You'll find similar options. Just can't cook up any on the spot. Bad cook, me am :))

The Software Industry has come to this line where it splits employees to two groups and evaluate them among the group, the ambitious lot and the lazy bones. But, as fate would have it, they call the ambitious over-working lot as the Hardworkers, and the lazy gang as the Smart workers.

There were these two freshers who joined in a team's bench near mah cubicle. I could see the team lead give the same assignment to both of them, and giving them equal time to do it. One of them, who is a hardworker, worked on it around the clock, eager to complete it as early as possible and get a good name, move up soon blah blah blah.. The other one will always be on Orkut or gmail or more often in the Cafeteria or on the Table tennis gang (good company to me, that man was & is). Yet, he completed his tasks first... And not just once, he completed every task before the other did. He eventually got the first break into the project.

Hmm.. Like my mom used to say when i was at school, "if u can get the second & third ranks in class everytime without even opening your book, imagine what u can do if u sit down & work hard..". I used to tell her, "I'd not only get worse marks, but also get fed up with life. Trust me." Same way, if the smart-worker(a.k.a the lazy bugger) had actually worked on the tasks 24x7, he's have completed it prolly half an hour earlier than what he did. But, he'd have missed out on several wonderful TT games, and quality time with friends, or those chaat everyday at the cafeteria.

Wake up, people. The age of hard-workers is about to end.

PS: this article is applicable only to the lazy bones who've got brains. :)

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