03 April 2008


Silence... One that conveys meaning,
That which means complete understanding,
Those two pairs of eyes that prove this,
Love they live, Life they kiss....

Such is the love destined for so beautiful
a place as this; So involved, so joyful..
This place , amidst eternal bliss
Expects that love to come to it, that is its wish...

Where is this love that it wishes?
Where is this place, oh..where?
Where is this love that place misses?
That love that should fill it, fill it right there!

Waiting eternally, waiting for that eternal-ity,
That eternality called love that would complete this picture;
How long the place will wait, oh.. what a pity!
Complete this eternal-ity, complete this picture.......

ps: AABB AABB ABAB ABAB. Is there any name for this rhyme format? :)

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