03 April 2008


FEAR.. What are you afraid of? From Cockroaches to Guns to Wars to Riots to Heights to your life to every damn phobia in the dictionary... No person on earth is absolutely fearless.. What evokes fear in one person need not and mostly, will not evoke it in another....

Well, most of you reading this won't be able to understand what generates things like begging and crime in our society... Hunger... How many of you are afraid of hunger? Probably a new and curious fear... huh? Please note, It is on top of Dr.Abdul Kalam's list of national shames... Whether YOU are afraid of it or not is another matter, the Indian Nation is... That has been the most pressing problem for India.. 60 years on, and we're not able to feed our people.. Every chief minister and prime minister who have assumed office knows how much power this word holds.. It has toppled governments in the past, mind you..

Why do people resort to the lowest possible level a human can ever get to? Begging? No shame.. No self-respect.. Why? Hunger.... Huh, Not eating for a day probably makes you faint.... Eating at a wayside motel one day results in food poisoning in most cases, but wait..

There are people who'd give anything to get that "food-poison". There are people in your city or village who haven't tasted good food ever since he/she was born. Hunger can make you beg, hunger can make you steal, hunger makes you the equivalent of any 5 sensed creature that roams the place... Eradicating Hunger (a.k.a poverty) can erase things like begging and can reduce crime rate by atleast 50%, if not more.

Have you ever imagined how many humans are ready to take the place of your dalmatian at home? Think about it.

That's Hunger...

"Forget everything and Run, fellas..
Forget everything and EAT GOOD FOOD.....That is all that matters"
-Mentality of many people below the poverty line...

The govt doesn't do much.. But you can definitely change atleast ONE life... Donate Food whenever possible. All those leftovers at home, you think it's not good enough to eat the next day. There are millions who don't think that way.

Am not against boozing and parties, but just for the factsheet, the amount spent in one average treat / birthday party that i attend can feed many for a year! Do put on your thinking caps...

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