03 April 2008


I've been alone for sometime now,
It's been so silent, save the distant crow..

Things are much different from what it used to be,
It used to be so congested, populated and noisy.

There were a lot of believers, "believe",
Said the higher one, "so that i can relieve

You of all your fears, your troubles and everyday shall be fun!"
"Why can't u help without expecting anything in return?

You need them to bow to you and worship you?
Whilst you yourself ask them not to expect anything back
They, these believers, they have no clue,
Their minds are black(ened), Reason they lack."

Not many i know have spoken out before,
And not even a few know what had become of them,
But now that i did, i was blessed to know more,
This grave is so silent, save the distant crow....

PS: Please say through comments what you got from this.... I want to know how each of you interpret it. Thank you!


  1. Bro, first of all, SORRY. I wanted to tell you that your story in last year's Srishti was excellent. But, I never actually did. So, here it goes after nearly an year bro.
    Well, regards these two new poems of yours, I love them bro. They're splendid.
    Er, if you don't mind add an "and" in the "Their minds are black(ened), Reason they lack". SORRy. I know I am not the author and so perspectively maybe wrong in my siggestion. STILL.........

    Hmmm. For me, this poem reminded me something about solitude and my personal time bro. The time when I introspecr and analyse myself as well as the world around me.

  2. SORRY. Loads of spelling mistakes and typographical errors in my previous comment. Please not minds.

    And yeah, it IS suggestion and introspect. Not siggestion or introspecr. I AM SO BAD AT THIS TYPING THING, you know!

  3. Thanx for the suggestions :) And what was there in Srishti last year was probably.. hmm.. a third attempt of mine after my first 2 got rejected.

    I remember the first gettin rejected by Santosh , saying, "WTH, this is an official magazine!!!!" :) Was a lot of my gone-cranky made-crazy freaky writing..

    And the second by Karthik saying, "Please da.. DOn't u even care that i get a degree? I don't think Princi would be so happy if this gets into Srishti" :)

    Won't forget those comedies for a looong time.. I still have the secondd with me. Wil post it :) "The Life of a Placement Coordinator"

    Let me get a few more (if at all i get)comments on the post. This post, "Silencing", is kind of a case-study of mine on Human Psychology :) Very many thanks for ur active participation.

  4. Something so hilarious as to chuck Srishti's editor out of the college eh? :) POST IT bro. JUST POST IT.
    And mentions not the thanks.

  5. Ahem.. We have the live blogger here :) Nice blog this! :)

  6. Thanyavashagalu Gargi avarey !

  7. Update:

    Well, this post is about all the politicians in our country.

    And what'll happen if you open ur mouth against them :)

    Does your perspective change now?