31 May 2008

I GO ON...

The morning news hour says that the National Capital is expected to be sealed by protesters… I go on...

The morning paper claims millions dying in Myanmar.. I go on...

Friend 1 had called and said he had quit his job because he didn’t like it. I go on…

I heard about this Friend 2 who claimed that he quit because he was ill treated at his workplace. I go on..

There’s this friend 3 who has been asked to leave his company, and who’s on desperate job-hunting mode. I go on.

I see a six year old carrying a box, visibly too heavy for him.. and I am sure that was child labour. I go on.

I remember this 80 year old woman who was begging on the streets of Chennai. I go on..

I also remember catching a glimpse of this “mad” man I saw when I went to Madurai. The man who waves the national flag (or was it the Gandhian flag?) every evening for as-long-as-my-friend-could-remember.. I go on..

I see all this hue and cry about the rise in fuel prices. I think of the 20+plus+rupees subsidy that the Government provides us, and people shouting at the Government! Ya, rite.. There are many people who still don’t get food to eat. And the media coverage is all about Petrol and Diesel! (Can’t blame em.. Those channels were started for ‘viewership’ too, I guess.. Profit, not people..) Well, I go on..

I see I don’t like to code my days.. Yet I go on..

I see children begging on the streets of Bangalore. I still go on.

I see people who speak the same language dying across the strait. Shouting for help, not getting any. Taking to violence, getting the odds stacked against them. Killed our Prime minister, didn’t they? I don’t know. I was a kid then.. Oh well, I go on..

I see all this furore in national and regional politics about things of no value. I still go on..

I see farmers dying, I see an all time high in urban corruption, pollution and crime. I still go on.

I see women of India crying for characters in Mega-soap-ventures on TV, and turning a blind eye to all that happening on the streets.. Recently, I saw a woman push a child to the ground because the child (perhaps 4 yrs old) was “touching” her while begging. “The little robber! These are the creatures that become robbers in the future…”, she told everyone around her. The child was crying… Who wouldn’t become a thief, if this is how the World treats him? I close my eyes for a minute, pray to God and go on.

I see people still getting that 25 or 50 rupees per day for wages, when inflation cuts their throat. I still go on.

I see the Government declare Special Economic Zones to aid MNCs… those that create solutions for conglomerates. Those which provide this techno-luxury to the world, luxury compared to all the problems that we face in our country. I see all necessities at the “aam-aadmi” level being ignored. Man, A lot of Indians still die of debts and hunger everyday. I somehow manage to go on…

I go on..

I go on developing and testing software, and providing after-sales support for the customers. I do these, that are of no value to either the country or the world. Why would you want to optimize luxury when you see basic necessities going out the window? It’s about increasing the GDP? This quasi-improvement? Go to hell, It’s about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.. Don’t blame any one else.. It’s me, It’s YOU, it’s every single person who’s contributing to it.

We don’t need nano technology. We don’t need to spend years researching on how AIDS can be stopped. (I mean, that’s a good intention, but not first priority..)

We need to ensure food for all. We need to stop this concept of people dying of Malaria, or worse.. fever.

Think about it.

I still go on, immune to all that around me. Can’t hold on for long...


“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality”. – Dante

Hell is just getting HOTTER!


  1. Brilliant sir !! One of the most sensitively written posts of yours. I was actually writing a very long article to be sent out in similar lines. I would ditch the idea for now after reading such a wonderful depiction of the same. :)

    Life goes on, indeed!

  2. Thank you very much Shwetha!

    And er.. "Sir"? In case you are misled by my posts, i am 21!!!

    Oh, Don't ditch the idea, go ahead and post it. The more number of posts on it, the better. :)

  3. Nice right out of the heart blog :)

  4. Thanks Gargi! :)

  5. Really beautifully said.

    "Don’t blame any one else.. It’s me, It’s YOU, it’s every single person who’s contributing to it."

    I love these words buddy. Hope everybody awakes to this fact

  6. Awesome lines...

    //We don't need nano technology. We don't need to spend years researching on how AIDS can be stopped. (I mean, that's a good intention, but not first priority..)

    Keep writing... !!

  7. Hey good one. Got this link from a friend. Please let us know of any grass-roots level organizations where we can meaningfully contribute and rejoice knowing that we are helping make the change that we long for.

  8. I have no words, brilliantly crafted. I remember Gautam saying these words always "We need to provide food first, everything comes next"

  9. @ Mayil anna
    I doubt it :) People read.. Discuss.. even think.. but don't change. Seen it a million times...


    @ivan ji
    Brilliantly crafted?? Honored to hear this from the one and only Ivan. Am in chennai now.. Temme wen we can meet up :)

    There are a thousand avenues. You look at them, but you only don't see the opportunity. I, for one, was searching all over India, but couldn't find any. Then, i realised that every street needs a change, and there are people already working on it in a very small way. Add to it :)

    I would suggest u mail me. I now know quite a bit of avenues where you can make a difference. I don't want to post my email id here :) Your friend will have it in all probability.

    @ all of you

    Many Thanks for the comments. If there's anything that keeps me going in blogosphere, it's all these comments.

  10. Well written. I liked it very much.
    It drives home the point.. we are being immune!

  11. @ ragz

    Thank you very much for the comment. We Indians don't mind anything unless we are directly affected. And we need to change.

    Btw mr.Ragz, is this Ragland or Raghav? :)

  12. Brilliant post! jus d one word i've got to say!

    sorry for intruding..jus found u n chinmayi's blog n visited ur blog out f curiosity nd nw cnt keep myself from commenting!
    u've gt a beautiful writting style, straight-from-heart words nd indeed a good thought!
    nd yeah life goes on...

  13. Thanks Krithi..

    Intruding? No way!

    Feedback is the only thing that makes me write.. keeps me going.

    All the criticism helps me become a better writer and i am looking forward to more of your visits/comments in the future.

  14. Straight thoughts, as rustic as put. I am disappointed everytime I chance on such a brilliant piece of writing, means one more soul like me struggling to change and unable to do so! Illuminated darkness, if I may say! It needs to grow and till then..I will just go on...

  15. No Archana, let's not! :)

    Let's contribute drops of water that will some day become a...lake, at least.