22 June 2008

A Message from Calvin !

Came across this C& H cartoon.. Well, I can’t put it any better than this.

Pardon the copyright infringes, if any ;) . Just spreading a real good message.

By throwing trash into the dustbin consciously every time, you can even go to the extent of making NASA think if it’s really that necessary to find if all of us can relocate to Mars.

Not with me? Go read about the Butterfly effect, will you?

05 June 2008

Wassup Doc??

I feel hungry, but i cannot eat..

I feel sleepy, but i spend sleepless nights thinking about white, blue, shoes and grass..

My pulse is increasing abnormally at times...

So, i went to this doc and asked him, "Is this a medical problem? Or Am I in love?!!"

He said, "Not a medical condition.. Not love either.. But i have seen a lot of people coming in this week with similar symptoms. All of them had one thing in common... Are you a football fanatic?.."