29 July 2008

Cuil (pronounced cool)

My Verdict: Not So Cuil….

Cuil (a Gaelic word for Knowledge), is the new search engine on the block with an aim to kill Google, the Goliath. And this may not exactly be the David-wins story. Goliath wins hands down.

The UI of Cuil indeed lives upto its name, and the results format are also cool. But It fails where it can never afford to. The Content. A Search in Google vs Cuil format led to a 392 results vs none , reflecting the sad state of affairs at Cuil. Cuil may claim that it indexes more pages than Google, but the cached section of Google is something Cuil cannot contend with.

The team behind Cuil are former Google employees, and if I can say anything, I’ll say you can never write them off. There is no smoke without fire, and I only hope they haven’t run out of tricks yet.

Another valiant attempt, and sadly, looks like another failure.

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  1. Guys, the site is improving... Check it out!