31 August 2008




Instead of just discussing about India never developing in anything, i really hope to see each member of the community and each visitor to this community do something... it can be very simple things that would go a long way in inspiring others... i request you to do something..

And then... go to the Community and say what you did in the "Recent Changes" thread..

Let this be a thread of action and not words... If the nation is to change, remember..... we are gonna do it!

Tell all ur friends THIS community exists in Orkut..

Actions most definitely speak much louder than words...

Despite all our differences.. yeah, your ideas are different from mine and any others', We have a common goal..

And that is,

Jai Hind.

06 August 2008

Mummy 3: The tomb of the Audience

The first movie in this series.. "The Mummy" was Legendary. I never knew when the movie ended. Mummy returns was a sequel that lived upto the Original’s reputation. And at the end of that movie, I only wished it lasted a little longer.
Here comes the third!

Mummy, the tomb of the Dragon emperor, returns to haunt from the Dead. And trust me, after every 20 minutes, I was wondering why I did not find out the length of the movie before entering the Theatre. Trust me, it is nowhere close to the first two editions.

The first glitch was in the form of the new Evelyn, who is not even comparable to Rachel Weisz from teh originals. Brendan Fraser is a walking example of the saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” The previous two installments in the saga were all about action and this one was more about words. There were a lot of unnecessary dialogues in the movie that give you the feeling that the Director added them to increase the length of the Movie.

I must say that the sequence of events in Mummy 3 were a bit hurried. The way the bombs blast after Evelyn holds Rick’s nose to stop his snoring was a good attempt at innovation, but unfortunately, you can realize how much I had to search through the movie for such a scene. Worst of all, attempted comedy scenes were not so funny and some serious scenes were hilarious. You can’t help laughing your heart out when the emperor who-never-keeps-his-word wishes to fight Rick o Connell as a Human, just because Rick challenged him to a fight ! In any case, Alex’s female interest and the now-tiring comedy of Evelyn's brother,Jonathan, are enough to make you think that all that money you spent on the ticket and the time you spent in the theatre aren’t exactly complete wastes.

The real fans of Mummy would be left disappointed, and they will pray another such installment doesn’t come. While for the rest of the world, it will be a two hour time pass, a visit to a different world, with the tame Dragon Emperor who can be killed by a normal father-son duo and a peek into the undead world of Rick O Connell.