22 September 2008

Of Insomnia and Infinia..

It’s been 3 days now.. 3 nights, i should say.

I have been trying to sleep. But No, I cannot.

This Friday, I had to digest a very sad news. == I lost sleep. Well, there was at least a reason I couldn’t sleep. I got this software to play chess from a friend. Infinia. I installed it and was playing with a few guys over the net for sometime. Got bored. Saw TV. Got bored. Lied down, closed my eyes and spent about half an hour thinking why I couldn’t sleep. Got up again, drank water, looked at the sky for sometime, tried to wake my roomie, but in vain.. Tried watching some old movie I had. No. But I couldn’t sleep. It was about 5 in the morning when I slept of exhaustion. Was up by 8 or 9 in the morning. Not sure.

I did not sleep in the afternoon thinking that it may affect my night’s sleep. When darkness came over again, I was awake. Still awake. Tried to shut my eyes and think of Bhumika and Emma Watson, but heck I couldn’t sleep. Got up again. One of my roomies who knew I was awake through the previous night was looking at me in a weird way that could mean only this: “What the hell’s gotten into you???” I watched Godfather II, and another old movie. I took to Infinia again and won 3 matches in a row. One of my opponents was an American who hinted on knowing my nationality that I should have gotten up very early in the morning. I saw the time . five thirty in the AM. No way I am awake! It is quite a famous habit of mine , but for those who do not know, I sleep from 9 PM to 7 AM in general. And here I was, with 3 hours of sleep in 48. No reason, nothing. I just couldn’t sleep.

Sunday morning 6. I was thinking about the story I am working on for my book, hoping I’d sleep. And I did. Don’t know when though. Got up at eight thirty. “Insomnia” was the word running around in my head. Geez, what the heck’s gotten into me? I sent a message to a few people asking if anyone has experienced that before. No one replied. They must have thought that this was just the first step of another of my pranks.

Sunday went past. I did some traveling, and ate till the throat for dinner, taking every step to ensure that I’ll drop dead on my bed as soon as I reach home. But here goes. I didn’t sleep much last night either. At about 3 o clock in the middle of the night, after two successive losses in Infinia, and one pathetic attempt at creative writing for a friend, I decided that this was all I could take. I lied down and starting thinking about my book again. This time, sleep deserted me and badly at that. I looked at the time in my mobile now and then. And the last time I did that, that I could remember, was 4. 45. Just imagine, almost two hours of simply trying to sleep. I didn’t sleep despite the exhaustion I was (and am) feeling. It was torture, but I am not sure if it qualifies to be hell. I thought of going to the hospital 20 minutes from my home to get some of those sleeping tablets.. Thought of it more than once. And then, somehow, I fell asleep. Got up between 8 30 and 9 today. And here I am, at work, blogging about this totally strange thing happening to me.

Does anyone know anything about this? This sudden insomnia in an otherwise “Somno-phile”? :D

I’ve got problems with my dreams as well, but ya, that’s another story!

UPDATE - 24/Sep

Hurray! I found a cure.. And the reason!

The reason that i have arrived at, is that i haven't attended trainings, meetings or otehr classroom sessions in a long time! We had an area meet yesterday, and Gawd, was i sleeping!

Went home, Said good night to my roomies, slumped into my bed and ZZzzzzzzzzz...... No idea what happened what for the next 8 hours :)

13 September 2008

The Great Republican fightback!

It turns out the women of America aren't finished yet, and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all… - Sarah Palin

The statement on which McCain banks on.

Senator John McCain’s delay and suspense over announcing his running mate was indeed a clever move, and the gamble may have more behind it than what meets the eye. From what I can see, McCain was undecided over his running mate till the response to the formal launch of Barack Obama’s final Campaign. Yes, Undecided. There was no word running around Republican corridors about a clear VP choice, because there was no decision yet. I’d say that “the Suspense”, which the media thinks McCain used, was NOT intentional.

There were lots of expectations in the Democratic backyard about the running mate. “Clinton likely to be Running mate” was the headline of many newspapers and websites who wanted some more readership. And Ta da! She is not! Obama has chosen someone else! Why? Maybe Hillary did not want to be a Running mate, after coming so close to the Presidential Nomination. Maybe, but whatever, she is not there. And that’s that.

The new running mate did not stir anything great. Means, there were no great stories for the media to highlight..

Now, McCain saw this as an opportunity (my view, my view! Pure Guess. May not be true. Am no Detective! So, don’t sue me, Senator McCain! ). The mindset of a lot of people in the United States revolved around the female running mate till the Democrats’ announcement. In comes McCain. “There you go, Vote for me, and you have one, Presto!” And who is that? Sarah “The Barracuda” Palin, the 44 year old Alaskan Governor with 80% approval ratings in the northern most state, and by far, the most researched name on the Internet since the announcement.

A small example. Very strong supporter of anti-abortion, and lives by that. A mother of five! Someone thus known to live by her principles, and someone big-time into reforms, changing a lot of things in Alaska (I need to do a background check on that though.. These are things I found about her from major news sites), she sure has got the limelight and how!

There we go, Using the Opponent’s strength and weakness at the same time… Through the statement that this article starts with, Sarah Palin tries to represent the hope of American women (Probably the only big Democrat weakness now), and through her reformist background, she throws in the Change that the people want to see (Probably the biggest Democrat Strength this time)

Clearly, the Republican campaign has more focus on it now with Governor Palin in the fray. Senator McCain’s words in his next speech will have the attention of the majority of America, where he clearly lost to Senator Obama every single time till date. Though the people of the United States usually put a lot of thought into picking their President everytime, ( unlike the mentality about the elections in some big peninsular country in Asia I know of ) , McCain should seriously try to make it a VP election, rather than a Presidential election. All the people who wanted to see Hillary coming, CAN be ‘voo-doo’ed. There are people who still want Hillary at the top and there are people who are democratic, but don’t fancy Obama because Hillary had to go.

I see a shift in the wind direction. “The Change is coming”. How much of it, is purely in the hands of the people of the United States. Oh Senator McCain, this is a gamble. But the best anyone out there can come up with.

If this is not a genius of a marketing idea, nothing else I have seen is.

1. Finding and adjusting to the direction of the wind, before setting sail.
2. Taking every strength of the opponent and using it!
3. Highlighting the Opponent’s weakness with a renewed vigour.
4. It’s the limelight the Competitor has control over. Let’s get it here.

And Voila ! Looks a better product as a whole ! Up to the people to buy it now! Let’s check the survey results of this strategy a few days from now.