29 October 2008

Wednesday 2 Wednesday - An Introduction

Things that happened from 7 PM on Oct 22 (a Wednesday) to this moment, every single second deserves a blog entry.. Learnt a lot of things..

I don't know if & when i'll get the time to do it, But just thought i'd put down these two lines as of now.

11 October 2008

Travelogue updated!

08 October 2008

Be (a)Ware !

The Landmark Book store at Forum, Bangalore. I was there recently with a few friends, and i was rummaging through a pile of books that were on a discount sale in the Non-fiction section. (If you'd be curious, one of my friends was reading the Calvin & Hobbes book there, waiting for us to move to the DVD section.. one more wondering if a Management book would be a good buy, one more undecided on buying a Wodehouse collection, and another in the Matthew Reilly section..) So, there i was, lost among the titles, looking for a book i had decided to buy the last time i was there.

"Are you looking for some specific book?", asked a voice from nowhere. I looked up. It was a total stranger. "No... Just looking through if i can find anything interesting", i said and went back into the books, without a bit of courtesy. "Oh.. You come here often?", teh guy continued and proceeded to introduce himself as a Chip Design Engineer from a reputed MNC in Bangalore, despite a glaring, should i say, 'blatant' show of disinterestedness from my end. He would not rest till he knew about me. After a few questions from him, i said 'Bye' and went back to work. So, he said,"Okay, let's keep in touch. Can i have your number?" I did not want to give my number to a total stranger. I said some bullshit about me going to change my number in a week and got his number instead, promising i'd tell him my new number after i get it. But he felt it was alright to have my current number for this week. :o I gave my number, not wanting to hurt someone i didn't even know by giving some wrong number.

It might have been anyone, from a genuine book lover who wanted to increase the circle of book-readers he knew, to a terrorist who was on a recruitment spree, what with all this news about Radically-inclined-Software-Engineers in Bangalore! I was confused, as i walked on, only to be surprised by the fact that the Matthew Reilly guy among my roomies also had to give his number to another stranger who picked up a conversation out of nowhere and claiming to be a Software Engineer! Come on, like, is this a gang operating or what???? Getting the contacts of people who run around in malls and book stores.. And for what?

I am not sure what's going on. If these guys are terrorists or just a bunch of guys who are trying to improve their socialising skills or maybe, the-guys-spelt-with-an-'a' :P I got a call from that guy yest afternoon, but i din't pick it up, just in case.

Whoever they may be, You guys refrain from giving your numbers to strangers, however business-like or high-profiled they may look.

No idea what will become of my number, but chal, it doesn't matter.. i can't think of any situation where he can misuse it. :)

02 October 2008


This weblog is the only voice of a guy who has been desperately trying to adjust to the ways of the world for so long, and who has failed miserably every single time. So, let's get on with it.

Bomb Blasts.. The ultimate "debates" everywhere focus on the bomb blasts...

Recently, I was switching channels on the television at our place, clicking the remote at regular intervals.. "We'll see you right after this break with more details on what might have really happened behind the Delhi blasts..".. click.. “More info on why the Govt is keeping mum on the loose ends behind the death of super policeman Mohan C Sharma..” click “The family of the deceased encounter specialist would receive 15 lakhs from the Govt as ex gratia.. Now, moving on to the Sports desk..” click “Blasts rocked Agartala. 2 persons killed and over 70 injured in a blast in agartala ahead of Eid ul fitr and the Durga Puja festival”.. click “The murdered Journalist.. Not many clues, but definitely a lot of questions.. ” click “While Crocodiles can indeed jump fast enough to catch any human in their vicinity, it is a myth that running in a zigzag direction alone can save you. Take it from me, fellas.. Crocodiles CANNOT run for more than 100 metres continuously. Any average human can indeed outrun a crocodile by running at moderate speeds..”

Sounds like I gave you more data about the crocs than about the rest? That is media today! That is what the blasted news channels are doing! With all due respect to their “dream” to change this nation, They are pathetic, and they indeed suck. What else can I say about those channels that broadcast news about blasts minutes after their occurrences, watched by millions the world over.. who want to get some confirmation that the “four dead people” reported on the channels are not their brothers and sisters, and are greeted by short Commercial breaks? The darned channels need to survive the next day na? Competition, boss, competition.. If not for NDTV, people would watch CNNIBN.. no? Headlines today is there, na? They need viewership & advertisements to survive na? Like hey, what are they? Entertainment channels?? Why the heck do they need to *&^%in survive, if they don’t *&^%in serve their purpose?

Oh no.. I am not blaming them alone.. No way. The Print Media, how can I forget them? You see info on the blasts and the reactions of various “leaders” on those blats, which all read the same all the time, if you’d be curious enough to check their reactions for the last time something like this happened. We have this on the first page, some regional programs to follow, cinema, Science, Politics, international, Sports, obituary. We have all these columns, even if cities burn. Reporting is our job! Not actually helpin’ em! Know what, I realized this damn damn thing recently. The only people I know who ever read editorials in the newspapers are those who wish to “improve their English” or those getting ready to face an MBA interview. “Man you got to develop opinions..” To me, To this bloody damn me, Editorials are the only shit that those newspapers should be bloody actually about. Such news should fill 20 pages out of 24. But do they actually move out of that left corner in that single page? No.

I guess that is a true depiction of how we lead our life. We get on with our lives, get used to it.. Those are just news till it happens to us, and after that, "it's a part of life" that we got to adjust to & live with. There's no point in a guy in Kerala worrying about the incidents in J&K everyday? He only wants to know what happened to the Chelsea- ManU clash last weekend. And newspapers cater to such public, since they happen to be the majority in this country.

Journalists! There’s some common point there.. There is this real life incident when a photographer in some african nation (Somalia?) took a photograph of a dying child beside a waiting vulture. And he came back.. died of depression a few months later. That’s our gang. (Though I really doubt if our journos would be depressed at all, to begin with..(Not all of them.. most of them)). We folks click, we write, we debate, we opine, we accuse.. we don’t help. We see a few good citizens carrying the injured to the hospital. We have a camera man covering it for each channel, taking this to the world. But do we damn need a person there with full make-up who’s with this mic and explaining what’s going on? We bloody can see what’s going on. You should be out there helping, sicko.. I’ve only read about doctors getting used to corpses. Journalists getting used to them? Sick.. And yes, I forgot. Aamir Khan’s blog.. He’s said at least one thing in his blog from his experiences that may help others. But yes, what does the media project? His Dog’s name. A Big Thanks for that.

And the blasts themselves.. *&^%in blasts.. We are getting *&^%in used to it, goddammit. I wrote something on all of us getting immune to injustice around us, a few damn months ago. This is not injustice, dammit.. This is bloody terrorism. Of a *&^%in different level, with a freak outfit claiming nothing, just planting bombs around cities.. just like that. The way the blasts rocked Delhi for a second damn time clearly (underline that!) shows us how freakingly good our intelligence agencies and delhi police are. If I am not wrong, there were CCTV cameras installed in one of the initial blast sites. And some TV channel showed us how they were not functional. There’s a second blast now, and I bet they are bloody dysfunctional even when you are reading this. And there may be a third blast, a fourth blast.. and nothing will change. Delhi will await its fifth, claiming “You cannot challenge our spirit, terrorist dogs..” And Yes, they are *&^%in right. The whole bloody system is dysfunctional, not just the CCTV cameras. But let me come back to that.

Well, well, well, what do we have here? The media again? No no, just my view on bloody why they don’t do their *&^%in job. If at all any report shows the involvement of some political big-shot in any issue, the media covers-it-up, and no, it’s not hush-hush.. It’s all in the open, for all of us to see and crib about. Those parasites are no more afraid. Every TV viewer is used to corruption, bribery, *&^%in failing system and yes, blasts of late. No use focusing on them. People are only going to change channels. Politics. While there are good politicians, there are also these nothing-less-than-parasites in the current political system who can do any damn illegal thing they want (including but not limited to Genocide), get out of it unscathed, and give an interview about it. Yes, and nobody’s alone here. There are a whole lot of them. I am ashamed to say that I cannot point at one guy out there in the Indian Political Scene and say with all of my heart that he or she is good. No! I want to, but I cannot! And you must admit you cannot do it, either..

And why is this? Is it because no good fella enters the political scene? No, people do. But , you got to understand that there’s nothing that money or power cannot do in this nation. Why? Let the swindlers swindle. Let the good guys do the governing. Well ya, that way, the sleeping public slowly rise, and the swindling prospects dwindle. That’s not good news for the politicos. No. The newly formed good cells in the political body are targeted by parasites and they are either converted to mongrels, or suppressed, or worse, murdered. You know, I thought we had one good entry in Dr. Kalam. But, he was sent back to where he came from, and that, my friend, is REALITY.

And why are politicians like this? Are they inherently bad from birth? No again. They come in and they stay good initially. They see others around them swindling. They see no action being taken on them. They get irritated. How long can a person control himself?? He’s gonna start too. Why is this? Now, The Police come in to our picture. Many movies show policemen to be paid servants to politicians, and the swashbuckling super hero policeman who finally kills the corrupt cop and his boss. In reality, we only don’t have the super hero. Yes, We have good people. They are transferred, framed or suspended. You got to be bad, You got to be rude, You got to be inhuman. Else, I assure you.. You don’t want to be a policeman, that one’s for sure. :,((( If I say people have lost faith in the police, that is an understatement. Girls going alone on the street after 11 in the night are more afraid of policemen than rowdies. And we all know that to be a fact. (you’re asking, “why should they go out at night?” Nah.. that’s another story. Not now, it’s already too long without it..) I, for one, have had this unswerving faith in policemen. I’ve seen a cop in my life I will never forget. I know there are good cops yet. But, a few good apples in a box of rotten apples? You know where we are heading!

Mohan Sharma. May his soul rest in peace. I appreciate Delhi Police and the Government and private companies coming forward to help the family of such a man. But is that all the family needs? Superficially, yes. But think! There’s got to be some thing going on to prevent such accidents and loss of life in the future. That is what is going to send out a message. Ensuring safety in the future…

I believe I read that he wasn’t wearing any bulletproof vest! I’ll need to read more on that before I can write here.

Picture abhi bhi baaki hai, mera dosth.. Movies hai.. Rang De Basanti. One picture we have all come to forget. We talk about “A wednesday” and “Rock on” of late. But let’s go back to this movie. The movie shows us the grim reality of life. And the saddest part is, the generation did not wake up. It was just another 150 minutes. Like we saw the Jurassic Park or Om Shanti Om. Some cried on seeing RDB, yes. But, No one gave a damn about what it stood for. A big thanks to the public for that.

By the way, Was it meant to be just entertainment? I’d like to hear from the people behind it. And other such movies.

Oh no, I am not *&^%in done yet. Now, lemme recollect why I talked about that movie… Yea! The MIG Crash. That is a good fictional example. There are so many things out there in the Armed forces bundled under corruption. The Soldiers are not getting the best facilities, their families are not the best treated in this society, unless they are from “backward classes”. I am very doubtful about the future of Armed forces. By God, who’d volunteer for the Army? Only those who couldn’t clear the entry to MBBS or Engineering or Management courses. *&^%in sad state of affairs.

And oh, I don’t damn wanna talk about the pathetic living conditions of farmers here. No.

If those guys who only think about themselves, and about their relatives & friends need to be given an opportunity to change, then, Those who go on as if all this is part of another world need to be put behind bars. Ignorance is evil, but can be changed. Indifference, now that is criminal.

You see an accident, you don’t help. Unless the reason you have is really more important (as checked out later), you should be put off for 6 months at the least. Agreed?

I was in the middle to help, a few months back, and most of the others were only “audience” to the happenings. I felt bad. I felt embarrassed. It’s a shame to all of you out there that one guy who wanted to help an injured fellow in an accident, felt embarrassed.

Are there no ways to change it all?

Wherever there is a will, there is a way. No, loads of ways. We only *&^%in pretend as if there are none.

I have added my view on how things should have been, directly or indirectly. Up to you guys to accept or reject.

PS: *&^%in – the same word is used repeatedly throughout this *&^%in article. To all those of you who had the heart (and time) to read it out, please add your comments. It’s the least you can do.