21 November 2008

This is Jack's "Sentiment Time.."

Going back home from Office everyday isn't very easy. To ignore the Table Tennis temptation and take up a 30 min walk interspersed with 30 minutes of bus-travel is not very desirable. It was on one such busy evening (note: 'busy' for the rest of the world), that I overheard (er.. actually, 'heard' would be a good enough word) a person shouting at his mom over the phone. Loud statements of "Don't torture me ma..","You're a head ache.","Amma, Have you gone deaf?","Don't you have any other work?" irritated me, all this, along with the guy cutting the phone quite often, and his mom calling him again and again.

I wanted to tell him a few things. I didn't..(lack of socialising skills, perhaps). I had no idea what situation he was in or why he was doing that. I have seen a few of my friends doing the same in the past. I now have this blog to express this one thing I want to tell them all, this, which i didn't tell them before, because I felt it was unnecessary to intrude into anyone's personal life uninvited.

There is not a single soul in this world who cares for you more than your parents. Not one. Let them be the cruelest parents possible, but they still are doing it all for you.

It's perfectly fine if you do not want to do what they ask you to do. Fine, my mom wanted me to do my MBA and become an Investment Banker (or in her terms, the MBAs who earn a lot), which was totally against my interest. She keeps telling me often that i should do my MBA soon. Very very often. To a guy who only wants to write his life away. But then, She only wants me to do that because she wants me to be the rich guy, with a life full of all the "happies events". I know for sure that I can not be that guy. It's no use saying, "I won't". It will only make her sad. Put it this way, "I'll try to do it" and go ahead and do what you want to do. A Mother or a father hearing an OK from his/her kid is one of those Mastercard moments for them. Priceless. Making your parents happy (even if fictitious) is probably the best thing you can do with your life. Anyway, If you are sure you will succeed in your pursuits, they're the first two persons in the world who're going to be happy for you.

Try saying OK even if you are not going to do it. Let them be happy.

Thank You for reading thru.

I don't want any feedback on this. Take these words if you want / trash them if you don't. A Yes or No would do, if at all you wanna say something. No "Comments" pls.

17 November 2008

Be a Sport, Man. Be a Sport!

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The Game is ON!!

14 November 2008


Director - David Fincher
Based on a novel by Chuck Palahniuk

Frank verdict: Awesome Movie , one of the best among the movies I've seen. No idea why it is number 23 in the IMDB top 250 movies list. A lot more thought provoking, a lot more intelligently made and it's definitely got a better plot than most of the movies above it. I am probably exaggerating, but then, this movie goes to show that the will of one man can change anything.

Edward Norton comes up with a super performance in the movie, and Brad Pitt is most definitely the style icon of Hollywood. Underline that.

The movie is about Norton and his insomnia. Sounds simple? Okay, let me rephrase it. The movie is about the story of one man (Norton) as he establishes one of America's biggest underground organisations ever, The Fight Club (which gives birth to Operation Mayhem later). If you think there's a big difference between the two, you got to think again. So, we have Norton who goes to a doc to see if he can cure his insomnia..his mental pain. The doc tells him that pain, as such, is something else, like what folks with testicular cancer undergo. Now, Norton goes to the weekly meeting of the cancer-affected, where they pour their heart out, and our hero sleeps like a log after that. This being his cure, he picks out all such meetings in town, from Alcoholics anonymous to all-cancer-stuff anonymous and attends them through out the week. All this till he meets Marla.

Marla's presence disturbs him too much and he loses his sleep again. He confronts Marla one evening and divides the days of the week into two so that he can attend his meetings in peace, and won't see her again. That has to get him back his sleep.

In comes Tyler. Norton meets Brad Pitt (Tyler) during a flight journey, gets his card, and goes home only to find his condo blown up. He has nowhere to go, so he calls up Tyler (who doesn't pick the phone, and calls him back [This is perhaps the first and best clue] ) and goes to meet him. He stays with him after that and gets introduced to his world of Soaps & dynamites. Tyler and Norton punch eath other for fun, discover the thrill in fighting, and start it as a hobby. People around them are tempted to check it out and find that they like it too. This fight-for-fun network grows into one of the biggest in the United States, what with Tyler handing out assignments every week to the members. And these assignments include a variety of things from blowing up a computer shop to picking up a fight with a total stranger. Marla comes and goes in the middle, and the incoherence in her behaviour kept telling me something was wrong, though i had no idea what. And the Fight Club grows into one of US's biggest threats under Tyler, with Norton kept in the dark regarding most of the activities.

The Rules of the Club:
The first rule of Fight Club is - you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is - you DO NOT talk about Fight Club. Third rule of Fight Club, someone yells Stop!, goes limp, taps out, the fight is over. Fourth rule, only two guys to a fight. Fifth rule, one fight at a time, fellas. Sixth rule, no shirt, no shoes. Seventh rule, fights will go on as long as they have to. And the eighth and final rule, if this is your first night at Fight Club, you have to fight.

Yea, coming back to the story, One fine day, Tyler goes missing. And Norton embarks on a journey throughout the USA to find Tyler, when he realises the mammoth reach and strength of the once small time gang called Fight Club. All this under the smart, capable and genius ways of Tyler Durden, who is spoken of as nothing less than God. Each wing of the Fight Club is now as strong and independent as the other, and is capable of surviving without explicit leadership. Norton decides this should end, and doubles up his speed to find Tyler, only to discover a bigger truth.. Tyler doen't exist!

So, who is Tyler Durden?

That changes everything you thought you'd seen so far.

I wouldn't write the climax here in case you haven't watched it yet. Ten on Ten. Anyday.

03 November 2008

Brett "the Jet" Lee

This post is not about Brett Lee or Jet li. This is about the Malaya lee who runs 90 percent of all Barber shops in India.. The Malaya Lee who did not have the heart open a Barber shop in my part of Bengalooru...

I didn't realise how many days it had been since i had a haircut or a shave for that matter, till a passerby said, "Sami Saranam" when i was out for dinner on Saturday.

So, at about 9 : 30 AM on Sunday the 2nd of October, i went to the hairdressers'. This is not the first blog ever on a visit to the Hairdressers'. (Refer Vinod Ganesh's blog on Malabar Hair dressers and Gelf..). But then, this is not about the Malayalee Scissor Specialists. Today, i'd been to a "Namma Saloon", a totally Bengaloored Hindi Fellow setup. And one thing to learn out there, you need to have great marketing skills and an awesome communication quotient to get a good hair cut.

I was only the second guy in the queue when i entered the shop, but was the sixth guy called up to the altar, a good 30 minutes after I stepped in.

"Cutting? Shaving?"

I said, "Hmm.. Both".

The guy went on to take his comb and scissors and started 'workin' on my head without even asking me if I was there to trim it or cut it short. I stopped him after a few seconds and said that I wanted a military cut (:D) and if he had that machine cut technology. :P. And all this with my Broken Hindi mixed with Kannada and Tamil. He showed me the scissors and said, "Scissors." I had no idea how to argue with that statement. He then continued from where he'd left and made a statement with my head in less than 5 minutes. I am not sure where i was looking for the ensuing minutes. Perhaps , i closed my eyes. I do remember closing my eyes when he was working over the frontal lobe of my skull (that's the one in the front, isn't it?), and when I opened em after about 60 seconds, I saw a mixture of Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Brett Lee on the mirror in front of me. No, not the Jet Li from "Once upon a time in China",but the one from the Western movies. Was it Lethal Weapon 4? It looked like I'd tonsured my head about a week back and the hair had regrown in some parts. More like a brown colored Brett lee, who had this tonsure a week back, add to it the expression of Bruce Lee after any of his famous Final-Life-taking-shot from his fights.(For those who don't know, he bites his teeth, shrinks his eyes (further), manages to project his earlobes, tries so much that all his nerves and/or veins show and says, "Eeeeeeeeee"..) Add to it Jet Li's face through a filter. Ta da!

I still had some hope left in me. I said, "Front part mein Zyada hai, sides to compare karke.. Front mein aur bhi thoda cut khijiyae na?..er?.. bhaiya?"

He gave a look that looked like Ahmedijinad's reaction if you'd say "Bush Rocks!" to his face. He kept still for a second, shook his head and said,"Shaving? Haan? Square? Slope?" I was not that strong with my Math, so i shut up and nodded, what ever he'd take out of it.I had no idea what slope had to do with a Hair cut... Or squares, rectangles or circles, for that matter.

I came home, only to find Jagan thinking twice before letting me in. And people in my room have discussed about Jet Li two or three times since morning, and I have a weird feeling that my absolutely unintentional hair-do reminded them of Jet Li.

Yes, a Completely changed man in an hour. And all credit to Namma Hindi Saloon. :)