21 November 2008

This is Jack's "Sentiment Time.."

Going back home from Office everyday isn't very easy. To ignore the Table Tennis temptation and take up a 30 min walk interspersed with 30 minutes of bus-travel is not very desirable. It was on one such busy evening (note: 'busy' for the rest of the world), that I overheard (er.. actually, 'heard' would be a good enough word) a person shouting at his mom over the phone. Loud statements of "Don't torture me ma..","You're a head ache.","Amma, Have you gone deaf?","Don't you have any other work?" irritated me, all this, along with the guy cutting the phone quite often, and his mom calling him again and again.

I wanted to tell him a few things. I didn't..(lack of socialising skills, perhaps). I had no idea what situation he was in or why he was doing that. I have seen a few of my friends doing the same in the past. I now have this blog to express this one thing I want to tell them all, this, which i didn't tell them before, because I felt it was unnecessary to intrude into anyone's personal life uninvited.

There is not a single soul in this world who cares for you more than your parents. Not one. Let them be the cruelest parents possible, but they still are doing it all for you.

It's perfectly fine if you do not want to do what they ask you to do. Fine, my mom wanted me to do my MBA and become an Investment Banker (or in her terms, the MBAs who earn a lot), which was totally against my interest. She keeps telling me often that i should do my MBA soon. Very very often. To a guy who only wants to write his life away. But then, She only wants me to do that because she wants me to be the rich guy, with a life full of all the "happies events". I know for sure that I can not be that guy. It's no use saying, "I won't". It will only make her sad. Put it this way, "I'll try to do it" and go ahead and do what you want to do. A Mother or a father hearing an OK from his/her kid is one of those Mastercard moments for them. Priceless. Making your parents happy (even if fictitious) is probably the best thing you can do with your life. Anyway, If you are sure you will succeed in your pursuits, they're the first two persons in the world who're going to be happy for you.

Try saying OK even if you are not going to do it. Let them be happy.

Thank You for reading thru.

I don't want any feedback on this. Take these words if you want / trash them if you don't. A Yes or No would do, if at all you wanna say something. No "Comments" pls.

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