29 December 2008

A nameless Crisis

I go home once in about 2 or 3 months.

It's not like 36 hours of travel or anything. Just the mindset. A matter of 6 hours... Here I am, in Chennai, preparing to return to Bangalore. I absolutely abhor the idea. I wanna stay here forever. But then, gotta go, I gotta go! It's gonna take at least a week at Bangalore before I can get to like stuff there again..

And then, coming to Chennai is an issue in itself. By the way, I like my work nowadays. Not just the coding, there are a lot of other avenues in IBM. I know I would like the work only as long as I stay at Bangalore. I know I am never gonna want to think about returning to Bangalore, once I am at Chennai. I will keep thinking about the Arts, the Literature, the Football and everything that is not Coding. Identity Crisis, sort of.

So, here I am, in Chennai, preparing to return to Bangalore. :(

PS: I have no idea how certain people can go home and come back every week. Either they hate their job so much that they want to breathe out every week, or they believe they are settled for life.

PS2: Chennai roxx for eva.

PS3: Well, I can go on..

26 December 2008

India - Behind the Scenes

The Irony is that I took this pic from inside a Volvo A/C bus.
The pic is pretty much self explanatory. Click to enlarge..

He cannot even walk, darn it!

25 December 2008

Aamir to CNN IBN : Make sure you read this!

"We should bring up our children in way where we should teach them to be more sensitive. I see around me that a lot of parents encourage their kids to be very competitive. And they want them to come first in everything and I think that creates people who grow up to be extremely selfish and want to achieve their goals without any regard for what is happening around them.

If we bring up our children in a manner where we teach them to be sensitive towards other children, I'm hoping that by the time they are 18 they would grow up to be caring adults. And therefore are caring towards society and the people around them and are not selfish."

I Second that...
I third that...
I fourth that...

Complete interview at: