25 December 2008

Aamir to CNN IBN : Make sure you read this!

"We should bring up our children in way where we should teach them to be more sensitive. I see around me that a lot of parents encourage their kids to be very competitive. And they want them to come first in everything and I think that creates people who grow up to be extremely selfish and want to achieve their goals without any regard for what is happening around them.

If we bring up our children in a manner where we teach them to be sensitive towards other children, I'm hoping that by the time they are 18 they would grow up to be caring adults. And therefore are caring towards society and the people around them and are not selfish."

I Second that...
I third that...
I fourth that...

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  1. Maturity personified this guy aamir..!! So much credibility in what he says.. Is d audience mature enough t follow sort??.. Answers wud b disturbing for sure..

  2. The words "First rank" and "pass mark" have played havoc in many lives such as yours and mine, respectively. :P

  3. but i guess u both were last benchers....thats the difference.parents should ask their children to sit in the last bench..u learn a lot there...

  4. Precisely said Anucharan, last bench teaches a lot in life than others.