29 December 2008

A nameless Crisis

I go home once in about 2 or 3 months.

It's not like 36 hours of travel or anything. Just the mindset. A matter of 6 hours... Here I am, in Chennai, preparing to return to Bangalore. I absolutely abhor the idea. I wanna stay here forever. But then, gotta go, I gotta go! It's gonna take at least a week at Bangalore before I can get to like stuff there again..

And then, coming to Chennai is an issue in itself. By the way, I like my work nowadays. Not just the coding, there are a lot of other avenues in IBM. I know I would like the work only as long as I stay at Bangalore. I know I am never gonna want to think about returning to Bangalore, once I am at Chennai. I will keep thinking about the Arts, the Literature, the Football and everything that is not Coding. Identity Crisis, sort of.

So, here I am, in Chennai, preparing to return to Bangalore. :(

PS: I have no idea how certain people can go home and come back every week. Either they hate their job so much that they want to breathe out every week, or they believe they are settled for life.

PS2: Chennai roxx for eva.

PS3: Well, I can go on..


  1. Well, here I'm in kolkata after spending almost a month's holiday in chennai. This time it was pretty difficult for me to leave my mom n dad behind. Sis joined infy mysore.So they are gonna be alone. And hey I sware I never had this sort of feeling whenever i returned to coimbatore(CIT) from chennai. Nope not even once. But now...? no other go

  2. Arasiyal la idhellam sadharanam maapi.. No other go.. least i can say, shud i borrow Anu's jargon above..

  3. @Adhi:
    There are other roads to take.. problem is that we prefer security to happiness.

    @ Anu:
    CIT was different. Entirely.. :)

  4. Security to happiness? I am not sure about that Aswin.

    As Anu said I have not felt anything when I used to return to CIT. Even during my last visit to US I did not feel a bit emotional. But the stay of 6 weeks changed me a lot. Don't know how it happened, but these days I have become more sentimental. At times I feel my emotional part is slowing down my enthusiasm, kind of weird. I believe I need to do some self analysis.