30 December 2009

My top seven Timepass games on the internet - 2009 :)

This is a strange list. This will not include your Call of Duty, nor will it be about FIFA 09. This list is about the games I got introduced to and played in 2009 on the internet.

Note: The list does not include Farmville simply because I didn't use that app.

7. Stick cricket at stickcricket.com
The flash game just got better. Not sure how long the site has been in existence, but I loved the feel of stick cricket / stick tennis and enjoyed every minute of it this year. Very avid fans can register on the site and unlock some exclusive features. It didn't impress me enough to do that, though.

There are several modes of play on the site. The biggest timepass is the world domination which includes twenty over slog to beat sixteen teams from Bermuda to India. Next to that, we have the T2 tournament, where you strive to meet 2-over targets to lift the cup. We have this site at Position 7.

6. Kings of chaos ( kingsofchaos.com )
This is by far one of the coolest MMORPG games on the internet. Most people cannot understand how you can play a game with only textboxes and buttons on the screen. All I can say is, try it out. Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs or the Undead...which one will you be?

5. Gravity Master 
Law of Gravity couldn't be taught in a better way. Learnt more about shapes, lines and physics in general from this game. Completed this game in a little over two hours but played this about ten times this year and referred this to all my friends.

Say hello to scientific gaming! :)

4. Mafia wars
This facebook/myspace app was the advanced version of kings of chaos. Winner of 2009 Webby awards, this game, along with Farmville/Yoville/Poker, has firmly established Zynga as a leader / pioneer in the industry of sorts.

Well, I was addicted enough to this to reach Level 158 in this. Got bored of it finally in December and it's just there now. I don't play this anymore.

3. Galacticos Football on Facebook
I've been on this for twelve days now and I think this is enough of a genius to get to number three. This game answers all my longterm queries on how to create a simple yet effective Football Manager game. It will get boring in a matter of days though, but till then, kick on.

Questions arise on how Maxi Rodriguez could possibly be called the worst Striker and on some other decisions taken by the dev team, but heck, who cares?

2. Chesscube (chesscube.com)

Probably the best site to play chess online. Nothing more, nothing less. The Checkmate post will tell you how much I'm loving it! A facebook app is also coming up. Things are getting a lot more interesting in 2010.

I hereby announce that the 2009 Aswin's award for the best 'free' online game goes to Chess Cube! But wait, there's still position one, no?

1. The Battle for Wesnoth from wesnoth.org
 The best thing about Linux is that most of the games on it are free! Battle for Wesnoth is one of the coolest turn based strategy games in recent gaming history. Playing it online with or against fellow humans is a dream-come-true for people like me. This is the best PC game that I played in 2009. Elven brethren, Dwarves of the mountains, Humans of Wesnoth, Orcs of everywhere and the Undead make turn based games a lot cooler than before. The last game I played in this genre that got any close was Pericles (a demo) that dates back to 1999, me thinks. If there's a downside to this game, well, it needs Linux and you have to install this game while the rest of the games in this list are all playable online. Hence, BoW does not get the award for this year, though it does rank at the very top in the poll conducted among 23 year old Software engineers.

The king of all free games

Whew, Here's 2010 and I wish I spend some more time without my PC / TP on weekends. :)


"Antigonish" is a poem by American educator and poet Hughes Mearns, used in the neat thriller, Identity. The first four lines of Antigonish haunted me for days. Came across these lines again yesterday in a blog and couldn't resist putting them here.

Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
I wish, I wish he’d go away...

Yea, I know. Awesome's the word.

Check mate

I will always be proud of this win :)

20 December 2009

The book that might not be published

I watched Fulham beat ManU three goals to zero and ran around the room in delight at the six point lead Chelsea can now have if they don't do anything silly against the Hammers. The bigger lead it is now, the more points we can afford to give away during the African Cup of nations. Chelsea without Essien or Drogba...*Shudders*

Wait a minute. That was for the other blog.

This is about one of the 'book-things' I write which no lab-rat-reader seems to understand. "The first two chapters were very funny, dude. After that, ...er... I didn't get most of what's written. It was kind of sad and exhaustive. Maybe you should lighten it up a little. That's where the stage is set for a thriller, right?"

Normal feedback, no?

The first two chapters were not supposed to be funny. The rest of them were.

( Locks himself in room and thinks about his future as an author. *Shudders* )

25 November 2009

Oh... My... God !

I will begin by defining the word "Nitro-damn" - Any saying from the legendary Nitrodamus that wishes harm upon anyone else's feelings. I came across a few such nitrodamns which I intend to share with you in the near future.

So, I really got bored watching movies during this vacation that I started a poll. "Which FRIENDS character do I resemble the most?" with a single intention. To blog. I had just recently concluded my first ever viewing of all ten seasons of the series in order and loved it. So, came up with this poll just to see what people would say so that I can write about it. Ash de Notre-dames (the above mentioned Nitrodamus, if you are part of the majority who didn't read this) mentioned something about a funny-dumb-poll in his book "Prophecies? Do you care?" (Available in black market for a hundred bucks!) I am not sure if he was referring to this poll or the voting they might do before giving the Nobel Peace Prize, but I have my theories.

I believed that the outcome would be so heroically Joey that I could start this post with "How you doin'?"
It didn't turn out that way, though. Without much ado, the results!

Character  Votes  Percentage
---------    -----   ----------
Chandler    22.5      80.35%
Ross          2.5         8.93%
Gunther     1             3.57%
Mike         1             3.57%
Joey          1             3.57%

To begin with, most 'Chandler' voters confirmed that their choice was based only on the asocialness of his character and 'the way he speaks' (Note: Nothing else). Some went great lengths to assure me that they chose Chandler only because the question was framed in such a way that they had to choose the closest character, however far that may be. The sadder part is that I've hardly spoken to the only person who voted ~Joey~ (a super senior of mine from college).

Two votes were not counted in this exercise. One voted for a 'feebee' because it was the only character he knew. :) The other vote was for Cassius, whoever that may be! (Yes, that was Poochi's vote). One interesting observation is that the two girls who participated in this survey accounted for 1.5 votes for Ross and the other Ross vote was from a guy who talks to girls twenty seven hours in a day, and hence subject to taking girly decisions. Interesting, no? Girls believe I am the geek who can't flirt. Got to admit, I should have known I had that coming.

Anyway, Looking forward to Monica! :)

PS: Chandler's supposed to want to be like Joey, no?

21 November 2009

The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown

Dan Brown comes up with a winner, for once. Much as I have not liked the Da Vinci Code because whatever Dan Brown's own thoughts there with Robert Langdon and Sophie made up a near pathetic storyline, I tend to agree that his style and importance to HIS original work (rather than an account of researched history) has improved vastly in the Lost Symbol.

Before you get any ideas, let me tell you that this is not a book that-you-don't-put-down-till-it's-over. I didn't do it in one read. Heck, even TV serials proved more interesting sometime in the middle. I only say that this is much better than the rest of his books; Angels & Demons included. If those could manage to sell themselves, this baby sure can!

This look into the world of Masons from a third person's point of view works wonders at times. If only Dan Brown had realised that there was no need for him to create a build-up before coming up with a Scientist's name, the book would have been much better. Considering there are references to so many scientists, there is no point in explaining all their achievements, stories behind them and their link to the Masons before giving out their name. This was not only so stupid that I skipped most of it, but also irritating. Though it is easier to make a twelve hour event more dramatic and interesting compared to tales of whole lives, the book drags on at times.

Still, the book manages to retain its 'Utterly predictable' tag. (Spoiler ahead, duh !) Except for the fact that Inmate 37 is Zachary, there is nothing else you can't predict twenty pages earlier. Even in that case, it doesn't make any damn difference, except to aid a ridiculous part of the story.

What I like about this book is the part about 'One True God' and yeah, the last word (not Lost. Last). Hope; good messages by any religious / non-religious standards. This would make one great movie! It was a good account of History, many parts of which I didn't know and my introduction to Noetic Sciences. I'll start reading up on that for sure.

Overall, if you have any expectations at all from this book, you'll only end up thinking it's not entirely a waste of your time. If you haven't read or heard anything about Freemasonry before, you might even end up loving this.

20 November 2009

Of Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid...

Many people I talk to have an automatic assumption that my favorite Indian batsman ever is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Through this post, I say, 'No'.

If you'd see this blog, apart from that post on IPL, I have mentioned Cricket in only two other posts. Dravid-1 and Dravid-2. That will say it all.

Players like Sachin have become great because of a natural cricketing talent. No doubt he is among the greatest batsman in the history of the game, what with the drives and flicks in which the ball miraculously gains speed on its way to the boundary and a million other shots and records. The blistering 175, which under anyone else's name would be his personal best, was just another century in Sachin's cupboard.

Sourav Ganguly and Yuvraj Singh have been great too. They are amazingly stylish players who can wreck any bowling combination on their day; like a Kraken set on a merchant ship. Oh, I forgot. I am not writing this to talk about them. ( Just a special mention for Dada ) :P

Dravid, on the other hand, is where he is because of the passion and hardwork he puts in to his game. He's definitely not as much of a natural talent as the others are, but the hard work he put in to create the Wall that has been totally impenetrable over the years shows his passion, attitude and dedication. 'I want to play Cricket for life. I want to be the best in that.' is an attitude not many people in the side have. He is probably the only Indian cricketer who has had no problems with the short deliveries (any deliveries for that matter). :) In fact, very few people around the world have gone about their dream with a determination Rahul has shown. All of Jammy's shots are well practiced, right out of the textbook, with insane amounts of hard work behind them.

I've always had this feeling that Cricket fans in India have never been as supportive of Rahul as they've been about Sachin or Sourav, despite the fact that he has had greater successes at more crucial times for India. "He is too slow. Not at all the guy for ODI cricket.", "He is getting old and very slow. New faces like Yuvraj should get into the test side instead." "Useless player. Mattaya potu savadipaan". You sure must have heard statements like these from the same people who are currently cheering him for his amazing 177 that saved us from yet another collapse. Nobody questioned the decisions to drop Dravid from the Indian squad repeatedly. Remember the Bengal outcry for Ganguly? Sachin, despite poor performances at times, could never be treated like Dravid. That'll be the end of the Selectors' selecting days.

The cycle
Dravid misses out on a few innings.
He's dropped with a belief that the rest can pull India through.
We start collapsing slowly and steadily.
Selectors have no other option. They get him back.
He delivers.
History repeats itself.

I can't say he won us more matches than anyone else in his generation. That is probably not true. But he has definitely saved us from many more humiliating defeats than anyone else I know.

Every time I see him play, I get a feeling that in life, you don't have to do what you are naturally fit for. There will always be obstacles, like that Mervyn Dillon delivery in a Windies tour. Should that stop him from going on to hit an amazing century? No! If you want to be something, keep that as a goal; plan it and put in the effort. There's no way you will fail.

Rahul Sharad Dravid. He will always remain my personal favourite.

(Pic: Linked to wikipedia)

PS: Added this amazing article about RS Dravid.

17 November 2009

The Man from Earth (2007)

This movie explores the possibility of a man who could live forever, and is very cleverly put forward. The writer should be commended for the research he undertook in coming up with this.

A goodbye party for Professor John Oldman turns into a discussion that explores the possibility of a man who could live for 14000 years. John Oldman, played by David Lee Smith (who, by the way, looks exactly like Robert de Niro), claims he is over 14k years old. He puts forward his case to a gathering, which has a biologist, historians, a student of history (played by a very beautiful Alexis Thorpe - who resembles Emma Watson, only more good looking), a very devout christian woman and a psychologist. It is fun to see that despite their best efforts, no one is able to disprove his case.

Whether he really is the man from the past (who is also Jesus Christ) or just a plain liar is revealed near the end of the movie. Though no scientific queries are answered in the movie, it sure raises a lot of questions. A refreshingly good watch.

2012 - Worst movie to be classified under Science fiction

This post resonates the feeling of movie-goers worldwide.

One of the movies many looked forward to, 2012 did not just tell us about the disasters predicted by the Mayans. It was a disaster all by itself, big time! I do not know why they had to waste some of the best special effects in Hollywood on a movie so flimsy.

Right from the word go, this was a totally unbelievable movie. I am not talking about the 2012 prophecy. I am talking about the luck some characters in the movie have, especially John Cusack, as he dodges earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and any other catastrophe-in-waiting with equal ease, putting Harry Potter and James Bond to shame.

15 minutes or so into the movie, as L.A caves in to a mammoth earthquake, John Cusack is always one second ahead of the caving earth till he comes to a falling flyover. The whole bridge collapses and he is able to drive under it, escaping by a millionth of a second. Seems no one else in the whole of LA can match his driving skills. Again, the person from whom John gets a plane conveniently dies, allowing John to fly out of LA with his family, taking off from the last stretch of land in the whole city, the runway. Oh, did I mention the collapsing building into which John crashes his car through the window, drives through the office floor, flies through the window and lands on the other side of the building unscathed? With someone so talented, we don't need Superman.

I won't go into further details, but I'll just say it gets even worse from there. At the end of the movie, I felt so bad that even the brilliant special effects didn't convince me it wasn't a complete waste of time.

The gang I went with was the only source of entertainment that evening.

15 November 2009

Lifting Music

Music directors from the Tamil Film Industry have always been respected around the world.

Musicians around the world, from Hungary to USA, have wondered at the Maestro's ability to breathe music. People adore AR Rahman for his unparallelled talent. There may have been instances where even these two greats have been accused of lifting music from somewhere else, but we can never be sure they did it. Personally, I think that it must have been a damn coincidence, because they don't need to do that. Anything off the top of their head would top the charts.

However, it is in the same industry that there are music directors who lift most of their songs from other languages (mostly English) and at times, even old Tamil songs. The worst part is, some of them are celebrated as great music directors. How can 'All Rise' with Tamil lyrics in Unnale Unnale be allowed to top the charts? heck I could even hear 'I rest my case' as such in the tamil version. Hearing such songs from someone as respected as Harris Jeyaraj, I wonder if the title song of the film, which, incidentally, is among my favorites, is also a rip-off of some other song. Whatever, I could only thank him for bringing that song to me which I may not have heard otherwise. Devi Sri Prasad is another music director I am thankful to. The question is, do such songs deserve the 'Song of the year' award?!

Now, what prompted this post??

So I've always liked Karthik Raja's music a lot. This morning, I heard 'Listen with your Heart' from Pocahontas (check it out, a part of it is on Youtube) and understood where he got his best ever song from.


14 November 2009

Siragugal ’09 – an inter children’s home Talent Carnival - posted on behalf of Bhumi

This is the press release for the event, Please pass it on to your friends in the media.

14 November 2009
Siragugal ’09 – an inter children’s home Talent Carnival

Bhumi is a non-profit organisation with the primary objective of providing supplementary education to children from orphanages, slums and rural community centres. Young, energetic volunteers with the will to change today and the vision to change tomorrow teach English, Maths, Science and Computer Science for two hours every weekend.

This November, Bhumi is organising an inter children’s homes cultural and science exhibition, Siragugal ’09. This annual fest for children is a platform to exhibit their talents, compete against their peers, help them gain from the exposure, and thus doing a world of good to their confidence and holistic development.

875 children from 30 children’s home spread across Chennai and its areas like Avadi, Villivakkam, Chengalpattu, Nungambakkam, Gumudipoondi, Redhills, Mugalivakkam, Vyasarpadi, Kancheepuram will be participating in this Talent Carnival. An array of competitive activities has been structured for various age groups to ensure complete participation. These include Dance (Solo / Group), Song (Solo / Group), Pot Painting, Mimicry – Monoact, Soap Carving, Rangoli, Drawing – Painting, Adaptunes, Elocution, Skit, Essay and Poetry.

The event is not only supported by Outreach (the Corporate Social Responsibility wing of Cognizant Technological Solutions) and Sneham (the Corporate Social Responsibility wing of Infosys) over the last week hundreds of employees of leading Multi-National Companies like Cognizant, HCL, TCS, Emerson, Orchid Pharmaceuticals, Lyca tech., L&T have pooled in with small contributions helping raise Rs. 1 lakh for the event.

In order to manage the activities and the event effectively, volunteers from Outreach, Sneham, Chinmaya Organization of Rural Development (CORD), M.O.P Vaishnav college for women, Guindy Engineering, The Indian Institute of Financial Management and Research (IFMR) will be working with Bhumians on the day of the Carnival.

Date: Nov 15, 2009
Place: Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kilpauk (Chennai)
Inauguration: 8:30 AM

Ms. Archana Raghuram, Senior Manager, Cognizant Outreach will light the lamp and inaugurate Siraguga’09. Playback singers Ms. Kalpana and Mr. Mukesh will be the guests of honour.

Valedictory: 4:30 PM

Our chief guest ‘Food King’ Mr. Sarath Babu will address the children.

The event is also supported by State Bank of India, Food King, SS Music, Velammal’s PUPA.

For more information please contact us @ 98942-09741 / 98408-68441 or
Email us @ Siragugal@bhumichennai.org .
Webpage: http://bhumichennai.org/siragugal

Vande Mataram!

Dr Prahalathan KK



20 October 2009

Heaven or Hell?

We were both old and close to ninety five;
To this world, it was time to bid goodbye.
We went up, until the heavenly gate
Where He waited for us; Him, the Great.

'You go to heaven', He told me
'and you, Hell', that was to her.
'but why?' I asked. Couldn't let that be.
Be it God or whoever!

He wouldn't answer me for one whole minute;
Then a smile flashed across His face.
'That she will know', He said coolly,
'When she reaches Hell's red gate.'

'Then, I'll go with her', I declared,
'To argue for her cause.
She deserves Heaven more than me!'
I finished without a pause.

'You can't cross back to heaven then!'
He asked me to dare.
'You will be in Hell forever,
If she's destined to be there!'

'I know she deserves it,
More than You or me or Peace.
If I am stuck, let me be.
Heaven is where she is.'

He stared at me in feigned surprise,
'You know it's all for the best.'
Then, he said, 'Open the heavenly gate!'
Ha! I had passed my test.

19 October 2009

Travel - ling - er

Rocket Launch. This is not about Diwali rockets. Real rocket launched by a group of PG students at USC, including a junior (only with respect to year of passing out) from my college. An October sky repeat, I'd say.

There is also this MS guy who usually updates his status with a line he heard from his lecturers that day, very good ones at that. These make you want to take up higher studies.

There is the guy who goes all over USA and sends pics of places you instantly fall in love with. Wish I was there.

There is this fellow who goes all to all hill stations in India in the pretext of work.

There are the fellows who take a car to watch a match at Camp Nou.

There are guys who live so close to Fulham Road they claim that they can hear the sound of the crowd from Stamford Bridge. True or not, their plan did the trick.

Oh, I almost forgot. There is this Ivan who is vehemently refusing his Finland citizenship, much to all our anger.

I want to travel.

Not during weekends. No, I think the negativities in going back to Bangalore to work on Monday outweigh any joy I am going to get there. I want to go some place for three months and another place from there for the next three months. Or something like that.

I want to explore for ever. I am as interested in Harappa as an archeologist can ever be. I want to be an historian in Scotland. I want to research on Mahabalipuram, Hampi and Adichanallur. I want to be a Chelsea fan in Stamford bridge and an Arsenal fan at Emirates; a Bayern fan at Allianz and a Milan fan at San Siro. I want to do all these, and write about them. I want to write for a movie. I want to publish novels.

I want to do much more!

Sigh. Back to work.

15 October 2009

South Waziristan

An old couple live in Kurram agency in the FATA region of Pakistan. Their four sons are in cities from which they cannot even go and visit them because of the blockade put in place by the Taliban. Some people in Pakistan believe that the army is putting off its South Waziristan move because it doesn't think it can come up trumps.

So the BBC says.

Taliban has a good number of Mahsuds, but then, a larger number of them are in the Pakistani army. It may be difficult for USA to distinguish between civilians and militants and terminate the militants, but the Pakistani army and air force should know better. It should find a way to go on the offensive. Years of planning have gone by, and looks like there are years ahead too. These militants have killed more Pakistanis than any one else, and I suppose, are in no mood to change the trend. Why wait then?

Had I been anywhere in an authoritative capacity in my India, I would have pledged support to destroying militancy in South Waziristan at least for the children there who are cut off from true education and the rest of Pakistan. I won't mind if Pakistan takes it or rejects it. Its pride may stand in the way, but had I been a Pakistani, I'll prefer India's help in that region to USA's any day.

IF you haven't seen pictures of the Kurram valley before, I strongly suggest that you do. It's one of the most beautiful places on Earth and it's sad that such a wonder should be surrounded by terrorism.

05 October 2009

Left and Write

I want to sit still, stay put, do what I love,
and not miss anything.
I want to know what more, than the peace I have (now),
that success alone can bring.

I want to know what's on; every,everywhere,
and all that lies within.
I just want to live and to do what I like...
Tell me, is that much of a sin?

Money is the root cause of all evil
Rats run after it in a race.
If you look at it hard, that is The Devil
that pushes us into that (meaningless) maze.

You don't get a girl, you don't get accepted,
unless you jump in and run the race.
We've grown so irrational...indifferent,
and It's time we saved our face.

I want to sit down and I want to write out
My whole freakin entire life.
I want to relish every minute for one whole hour
Don't take me away from my wife. :P

Yea, I want to just keep writing, whateva's for me;
A success or a failure...
If I ever do stop writing, stop living to live better,
that's when I'd have failed ya.

PS: This post may be grammatically wrong with rhymes that don't actually rhyme, or
maybe the number of syllables in a line go awry once in a while. Well, that was intentional... because, like that old Lifebuoy ad goes,

I - don't - care.

To do an MBA or not to do?

That's the question.

Whoever visits this page and is a frnd of mine, gimme ur opinion of me thru a mail and yea, answer the question too.

29 September 2009

Love is only once, they say

Don't know how long I can go on like this,
aimlessly, without focus.
I lost life when I lost you,
Now temme what is there for me to do?

You know, I tried to fall in love again once;
Ha, like I could. I did not know that then.
Every time there when things weren't fun,
I yearned for you; Now I hear, 'Ah! These men'.

Would think of you often and how it'd be with you.
How could I be in 'love' with any one else then?
It dawned upon me brightly when you left forever,
I couldn't be complete with out you, Hon.

That was when I knew how much I missed you,
A huge gap in me, but I guess twas a li'l too late.
I quit all my ideas of falling in love with someone else
And went into my shell for ever, Alone will be my state.

You may never know if I even liked you
Though that's on the wall for all to see.
So now, You are happy with another dude,
I'll stay at a distance. I'll let you be.

I can fall in love all over again,
but I realise...only with the same gorgeous face.
No other person in the world can match your
Elegance, fashion, tradition or grace.

Years may pass on, time does fly
I'll flow aimlessly like the river.
Angels may come and angels may go,
but you'll live on in my heart forever!

- Me

PS: you'd want to look at the tags. :)
PS 2: I write all these stuff. But I can't understand this one thing. How can you love someone so selflessly, especially when that person does not think the same way, or worse, does not know you exist?

28 September 2009

To blog? What to blog?! - That's the question

In the early 16th century, Ash de Notre-dames (de notredames - of our women, as it translates from French), commonly called Nitro-damus in astrological circles because of his aggressive nature, had predicted the rise of a great new warrior in early 21st century with reinvented beliefs from the spiritual centre of the world who will finally separate good from evil and let evil burn and rot.

...and He will save all from the turmoils people face today. This can be clearly seen from the lines in his book, "Prophecies? Do you care?" (translated title) given below for your own interpretations.

"Thou shalt see at the dawn of the twenty first thousand from christ
the rise of the warrior from the globe's spiritual gravity.
He shalt say this alone is good
and shove evil down evil's throat."

A confirmation that this author is the person Nitrodamus refers to can be seen from the one word "YaY!" at the bottom of the four-line prediction.

Screw blogs and bloggers. I have nothing to write about! You'll see more of Nitrodamus if this goes on like this.

25 September 2009

Self - confessions : Pudhiya thathuvam 439

I don't know why God sent me here,
but I know he sent you to stop me from becoming a frikkin' villain.
That you did. I didn't become the villain.
Ha, but I didn't become anything else either.

A full article based on a wrong assumption in the Times of India?

In the article "Bigamy: An issue of one too many" in the Sunday Times (Sep 13, 2009), it has been reported that the 1974 Govt survey states that Muslims acoount for 5.6% of all bigamous marriages while Hindus account for 5.8%. In the very next line, it has been implied that 5.8% of all Hindu men are bigamous, by taking the percentage off the 45.3 crore Hindus, showing a 1 crore bigamous hindus as against 12 lakh bigamous muslim men.

On reading the report, I am not sure which of the two statements are wrong, because 5.6% and 5.8% of the same entity (number of bigamous marriages) cannot be so vastly different by any means!

Why TOI is interested in doing religion-based study is not something I can answer, though!

13 September 2009

Life is a game. Play it.

Life is a game.

Is it, really? Is that how people look at life? Have you noticed that if there's anything in this world people don't think of as a game, that's Life and how they lead it?

Funny world.

05 September 2009

One of the best ever!

Source: http://www.marcellosendos.ch/comics/ch/index.html

Happy Go Lucky

I am happy go lucky
Come what may
I am happy go lucky
I just leggo, leggo.

When the big dogs bark
Or when things get dark,
I am happy go lucky
So I leggo, leggo.

When I stare at defeat
and it kicks me off my seat,
Still happy go lucky
I just leggo, leggo.

When I feel like a dork,
Like a Nemo amidst Sharks,
I think I am happy go lucky
Coz I let it go, leggo.

When it broke my feet,
And I looked like dog meat,
I was happy go lucky
I let it go dude.

When they squished my heart
And cut me in parts,
Not so happy or lucky!
I still leggo, leggo.

Even if they twist me like a rope,
I'll smile like the pope.
Coz I am happy go lucky
and I still have my hope. :)

29 August 2009

Prof M.Ramachandran

As his students, we thank our Professor's family for letting him go ahead with his passion for ECE, at odd times on many occasions. I remember how he used to say he read some book on ECE over night at that age (in 2006). I remember his first intro to our class in my second year very clearly.

"You see, I talk about various other things in class for 30 minutes, 35 minutes.. Only ten minutes, fifteen minutes I will teach from the syllabus.. I may not complete the whole syllabus at the end of the semester. Usually I don't. Now you may not know, but in the future you will realise.. many students have come back after working for so long and told me, these extra things I share with them in class.. They have actually been more useful...What I tell you will never be in any text book..."

He may not be the best teacher in the world, but he certainly created that love for the subject in so many of his students, which is all a teacher can do.

Thank you sir.

Aswin S
2003 - 2007

23 August 2009

I am back

naan thuli thuliyaai meelgiren...
nee tholaidhooram sella sella...
un idhaya eerppu mella kuraiya,
naan meendum naanaagiren.

நான் துளித் துளியாய் மீள்கிறேன்...
நீ தொலைதூரம் செல்ல செல்ல...
உன் இதய ஈர்ப்பு மெல்ல குறைய,
நான் மீண்டும் நானாகிறேன்.

I am back.


To those who don't understand Thamizh (Tamil, as you know it):

I am rejuvenating, drop by drop,
As you move farther from me,
As your gravitational pull on me slowly reduces,
I am turning into myself...again.

22 August 2009

A day without phonecalls

I didn't attend 42 calls today or so my phone claims.
Worse, I don't even plan to check who called. :)

I should actually feel heavy, since a few calls might have been important (even from office maybe). But I don't. Fact is, I feel so good that I plan to switch my mobile off one day per week (So, I can concentrate on some thing other than "who's calling this time?!").

Did some work, a lot of blog reading, a lot of planning ahead and yea, watched a cool movie.

My contact with the external world shrinks everyday. Guess I am closing down my windows. My parents get this feeling that I don't talk much these days. I think that's because they're used to the motor-mouth I can be.

Here's to Solitude!
It's so much more painless.

21 August 2009

Tech giants unite against Google - BBC News

..The author said she is not surprised by the reaction to the "settlment".

...Most authors work for so little and start from the point of we are doing this for the "love it".

This is not an extract from a blog. This is BBC News, last updated at 09:31 GMT, Friday, 21 August 2009.

Do we expect this from an organisation like BBC? No.

20 July 2009

Do you know who you really are?

If you think that question’s silly or meaningless, I am sure you do not know yourself very well. Do you speak your mind, or do you say what is expected of you? Does your social behavior truly reflect your character? Let’s not mistake personality for character, ok?

Why do we express?

We begin expressing ourselves first as a baby, crying to get attention. That is the truest and purest form of expression, reflecting our innermost desires... reflecting what we need. As children, we say what we want to say, we do what we want to do. We resent when we are forced. We are true to others. There is no hidden agenda.

As we grow older, there are external influences, like acceptance, for instance. We try to fit in with the rest of the world, and do what is expected of us. We do things because people around us do them and have done so in the past successfully. We do and say stuff to impress others, not to express ourselves…funny but true.

The world is a comedy to those who think…and a tragedy to those who feel.
-Horace Walpole

From my personal experiences which, by the way, aren’t really comprehensive, I agree with what’s quoted above. I have continued to shift between two personalities since the first of days that I can recollect. I have never ceased to amaze myself everyday, as to how I am able to manage my selves.

To that quote up there, I wish to add some more.

Those who feel will feel the darkest depths of pain at times,
But then, those who think can never be completely happy.

The side of me that thinks, the side of me that has been successful in all its endeavours, is the one that has never found peace or happiness. Success, despite the fact that it intoxicates you to a cool high, is NOT happiness. It is usually a means to get there, but most people lose track of their path on the way. The side of me that feels, I admit, has been a bigger loser than anyone else I know (yea, look at this weblog for example), but has also been the most peaceful, content and balanced side of mine. That side reflects who I truly am.

You should not do something because you are good at doing it or because it will fetch you fame and success. You should do something because you like doing it or it gives you the balance. Most of the successful people we know, almost 99% in my opinion, are people who think. The rest of them (the 1%) are, of course, the greatest people who ever lived…those that were successful and content at the same time. Hmmm, I agree, most of the ‘failures’ and ‘misfits’ in this world are those who feel and refuse to think. Nobody wants you to be this way, but that is what you are.

By now, you might have realised that I am not the greatest of writers you know. I have not done justice to the concept or even myself with the words I have chosen, but if you do get something out of this, whoa! Great!

What you feel is who you truly are. The day you realise this, the day you break free of that illusion of society, the day you learn to defy rules and ignore the frowns and discouraging words from the world at large, the day you realise who you really are…accepting your faults as part of you and accepting others’ faults as part of who they are…that day, my friend, shall be your Independence day.

22 June 2009

Crying in the rain

Some say Charlie chaplin said,
"Cry in the rain coz others can't know".
I have been having it in the head,
since I got problems of my own.

I see crime and injustice
and I'm powerless to stop them all...
no one understands till the problem's his.
True in my case, this is my call.

I will fight them, the honest way
I will fight them, through the years.
I will improve, day by day
Till I end all undeserving tears.

All my other thoughts have gone down the drains,
I have decided to do or die trying.
but today, like Charlie, I cry in the rains,
what if someone gets to see me crying?

- An amateur attempt by "Poruthadhu podhum" endru mudiveduthor sangam.

You don't realize the gravity of every issue until you face it. Every human being has to rise to stop all the individual problems faced by so many innocents all over the world.

I have decided to, have you?

13 June 2009


Hello people!

This is a small initiative from our side to rank the colleges in the
state to make it easier for students to pick theirs this year. We wish
all the TNEA rank holders all the best.

Ranking basis:

The rank of the last person who could get that course in that college
in the Open category. This is a more realistic pattern when we look at
what seats we may get this year rather than getting into a long
discussion on placements and faculty. People have done their research,
talked to people they know and looked up the infrastructure last year
to take their seats. All we need to do is use that data. All those
websites out there contain data. We give you information.

If you are worrying about what college to choose for your son,
daughter, nephew, niece, grand daughter, grandson, cousin or for
yourself, you are at the right place!

1. Electronics and Communication
2. Electrical and Electronics
3. Computerscience
4. Information Technology
5. Aeronautical
6. Electronics and Instrumentation
7. Mechanical
8. Civil
9. Automobile
10. Chemical

If you need any other specific info, do leave a comment and let us know...of course, we are working on updates.

08 June 2009

Vamanan - Yedho seigirai lyrics

I couldn't find a flawless one on the internet. So, I decided to put it up for the benefit of all fans of the Youngest Raja! I hope I got it right. If any part of this is wrong, do let me know through the comments.

Awesome song!

Yedho Seigirai, ennai yedho seigiraai…
Ennai ennidam nee arimugam seigiraai…
Yedho Seigirai, ennai yedho seigiraai…
Ennai ennidam nee arimugam seigiraai…

Unnodu pesinaal ul-nenjil minnal thondrude…
Kanaadi paarkayil en kangal unnai kaatudhe..
Penne idhu kanava nejama unnai ketkindren!

Anbe… indha nimidam nenjukul inikiradhe..
Adadaa… indha nerukkam mayakamai irukiradhe..
Unnaal, indha ulagam yaavume pudhidaai therigiradhe..


Penne endhan gadigaaram endhan pechai kekavillai,
Unnai kanda nodiyodu nindradhadi, odavillai !
Idhuvarai yaaridamum en manadhu sayavillai,
Enna oru mayam seidhaai, ennidathil naanumillai !

Enna idhu, Enna idhu, en nizhalai kaanavillai…
Undhan pinbu vandhadadi , innum adhu thirumbavillai.
Enge endru keten, un kaaladi kaatudhadi!

Anbe… indha nimidam nenjukul inikiradhe..
Adadaa… indha nerukkam mayakamai irukiradhe..
Unnaal, indha ulagam yaavume pudhidaai therigiradhe..


Kadhal nenjam pesikolla vaarthai edum thevayillai
Manadhil ulla aasai solla mounam pola mozhi illai…
Idhuvarai en uyirai ipadi naan vaazhndadillai,
Putham pudhu thotramidhu, vereduvum thondravillai.

Netru varai vaanilayil endha oru matramillai,
Indru endhan vaasalodu kandukonden vaanavillai.
Orey oru naalil muzhu vaazhkai vaazhndene!

Anbe… indha nimidam nenjukul inikiradhe..
Adadaa… indha nerukkam mayakamai irukiradhe..
Unnaal, indha ulagam yaavume pudhidaai therigiradhe…

Yedho Seigirai, ennai yedho seigiraai…
Ennai ennidam nee arimugam seigiraai…
Yedho Seigirai, ennai yedho seigiraai…
Ennai ennidam nee arimugam seigiraai…

16 May 2009

Early trends...

DMK+ ahead in TN
ADMK+ doing well
BJP is leading in one place, god alone knows where...
Independents getting badly bashed.

Would voting not-so-great performers back to power, neglecting highly qualified independent candidates go down as a show of illiteracy and money power in TN?

Or would voting for some party which would actually have a say in the national perspective go down as a civilized, clever move?

Difficult question.

08 May 2009

An old post I forgot to publish - What we need

India does not need a PM who will give out expression-less speeches when a whole city is under siege by Terrorists.

India does not need a PM who will still only smile and shake hands with Pakistani Leaders even as they "Rubbish" India's evidence, when even the smallest of kids in their country know that it's true.

India does not need Leaders who bribe people for votes.

We most definitely don't want an Election Commission that takes no action, even when a poll manifesto says that the party, if elected, would give 60 lakh Television sets to the people of the state. The party won, and is bribing away with the Govt money. Why waste your money and bribe, if you can use the Govt coffers to do it later.. Simpler way of doing it, don't you agree?

India, my country, does not need television news channels who don't care what they incite through their transmissions.

We don't need any of the currently elected MLAs and MPs, across the nation. They don't do anything anyway.

We don't need Policemen who stand and watch as some student is brutally and fatally beaten up by a crowd of Twenty. We don't need Policemen who fear Political backlashes.

We don't need further divisions among the people based on Color, caste, religion or race. We don't need Political parties who propagate such divisions.

We don't need the other pseudo-secular divide-n-rule National party either.

We don't need regional parties which incite inter-state tensions. We don't need the umpteen languages and we definitely don't want to lose so many lives in violence.

We don't need the people who ask for our religion, caste and mother tongue in their application forms. No Sir, We don't!

We are relying on NGOs to improve literacy rate.
We are relying on Corporate sponsorship for Technology.
We rely on Russia and USA for too many things.
We are a nation which has never learnt from its mistakes in the past.
We are the best there is when it comes to Man power, Quality & Quantity wise. But we never develop in anything.
We are a jigsaw puzzle, uncontrolled, unsolved.

Yes, India needs a damn Strong leadership.
A leader who can be ruthless when times demand it, and kind when they don't.
Someone who can truly control stuff here. Someone who can solve the puzzle.

28 April 2009

A Note to me from Sarath Babu, South Chennai Candidate

1. How possible is it to fulfill the promises in your manifesto? Like achieving 95% literacy. Have you already evolved a step by step practical approach? Prove to us that you are truly committed to the constituency rather than FoodKing etc..
Ans: My life story has a good track record of my commitment and sincerity. Chennai South is one of the most educated constituencies in India. The challenge is to get students and adults from the poor strata to schools. In my manifesto, you would have seen that my stress is on the following:
a) improved access to schools
b) better sanitation and infrastructure
c) campaign to get children and adults to schools
Literacy is required to read newspapers, perform calculations of money and writing letters. The focus is to first make 95% (taking into account transient labour population) of chennai literate, and then move towards making them finish primary education.

2. How can we track what you do in case you get selected? Will you keep a separate blog, or will someone write what you did or will that be updated on this site?
Ans: I would be publishing my annual targets in leading english and tamil newspapers and my website. Following that i will publish quarterly, half-yearly and annual results of the targets achieved. I am willing to put my appraisal in front of my people who have reposed their faith in me.

3. How can we reach you in case of anything? People in South Chennai should be able to convey their issues to you through some means any minute.
Ans: This has been answered in the manifesto. Youth stations in each assembly constituency will help you reach me. For more serious issues like corruption, you can directly get in touch with me / my office.

4. What is your view on reservations in educational institutions?
Ans: Reservations are good for people who deserve them. But today it has become an issue of politics and misuse. There are rules about consideration of economic status and not giving reservation to creamy layer. There are implementation issues as politicians do not want to upset their vote banks. I do not believe in such vote bank politics.

Please go through my updated site : www.sarathbabu.co.in

I hope my replies have convinced you to vote for me and join my campaign so that other people also vote for me.

All the best to you for a great showing in the elections, in a constituency from where prominent leaders like Ila Ganesan contest.

" Vote for Slate! " :)

PS: His manifesto is available for download at www.sarathbabu.co.in

24 April 2009

The Government and Non-Govt Organisations

1. Supporting Education. Taking education within the reach of everyone.
2. Taking children off the street and giving them food, clothing, shelter.
3. Funding those Orphanages / Child care centres.

Aren't all these supposed to be done by the Government??? Why are there so many NGOs out there doing these and many more activities, had the Government worked?

Why aren't these in any Party's manifesto? Of course, I did see in a party's manifesto that they plan to increase reservation to help these studs. Duh! To hell with parties.

Vote for an Independent who knows what it means to live a life like that. Someone who'll truly work on these basics rather than putting the money into a flyover that will never be completed or collecting costly shoes or into any family businesses.

Unearth all the black money stashed in the belly of every politician out there.

We'll have enough money to feed everyone for ever.

19 April 2009

Race - Very Random stuff

When I ran along the way of life
Faster than others, more confident
When I could kick problems away and laugh out loud
I felt like the One, lemme rule them all.

But Speed breakers too many, And some had nails
Stepped on one such and Strike three! Out!
I can't even walk now, people overtake me
And I realise now how I managed to beat them so far.

They were slow because they were careful.

Even if I manage to take the nail out,
The bone's had it, I can't run like that anymore.
I need to run with a leg and dragging the other,
Like heck, why didn't I see the nail coming?!

Till I get up and join the race,
Oh Will I? Hope I don't lose hope.
I am trying to pull the nail out and start again,
Before the race is over...

PS: Imaginary as usual. I don't believe in races, though. I am the "Spectator" :)

18 April 2009

The Wall rocks!

Nobody says Dravid's a goner, and underline that!

The Wall rocks, Yay!

Elections Ahead!

May 13 is the day for my constitueny, South Chennai.

Proud to Vote. As of now, I have decided to vote for Sarath Babu, entrepreneur, the owner of FoodKing, alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and BITS Pilani. Also MTV Youth Icon of 2008.

How about you?

15 April 2009

A Dream unfolds...

Her delicate smile would so melt me, Her eyebrow movement, a gentle dance;
And she'd be my greatest support system, giving me Her hand to hold.
Afraid to touch the tender Her, as tender as Butterfly wings...
Afraid it may hurt Her. Her, of course, being the perfect mould.

Eyes I can forever float in, exploring horizons and getting lost,
For Years I'd do the same little thing, And never feel the least bit bored.
She's imaginary. At least for now. For She's one not of this world...
Halo 'round the head as She laughs with me. Oh, She's a new variety. Called "Priceless Gold".

So, this comes out as many think my previous attempts were anything but imaginary. Now, this is not! This is a peep into the future... hopefully! :)

05 April 2009

Best-est friend

I am not your best-est friend. Yup, I know it.

Things are far from reality, as they are.
We shouldn't push it further, acting and coaxing.
I may be there... perhaps, at number eleven?
Nope, I don't want this fancy heaven.

I am not your best-est friend. Stop pretending.

Stop that talking, behind my back.
If u got somethin, more than willing to hear it.
I would crush myself to keep the glass from crack-
-ing, coz' you should know, that's how true pals do it.

I am not your best-est friend. Glad u tried.

I have considered each one true, to my best
But you all may not even remember me,
sometime from now... You don't know, but I got lots to say
But telling you's a crime. That I can see.

I am not your best-est friend.

I am not your best-est friend. Why all this row???
I am not your best-est friend. Just Don't Stay, GO!
I am not your best-est friend. I know, I know.
I am not your best-est friend. I don't care, though.

04 April 2009

Looking Inside..

I yearn for someone. To talk to, to walk with.
I lost you, without even competing. Shoulda at least tried.
Miss? ha ha, I miss you like hell !
Even without talking to you much.

I shouldn't be brooding over
You; without you even knowin'.
I take out the memory weed, one by one,
But with every cut, it just keeps on growing.

When days get long,
When things go so wrong,
I chant your name girl. Ah, Memories...
I search for Calm. I search for Peace.

Lost a lot in life; yup, still reeling...
Today, things.. things, they do look torn...
I want to confide in you, my every damn feeling...
But Oh, yea whatever, You are already gone...

30 March 2009

A Chart in the crowd - India vs NZ, Second test, Napier

"How many balls does Dravid need to get a 100?". A NZ supporter was showing this yesterday.

My reply: "How many overs did you need to get one person out? And how many more would you have needed to get him really out??" :P

And yes, they needed 12 men, including the umpire to send Dravid back. The Wall stood, yet again.

29 March 2009

The "Why do I Quiz?" post fever

Why do I quiz?

At least five blogs I've been to has this post. The rest of the blogs I read are not Quizzer material.. That makes it, well, quite a percentage.. Here's an insight into why people search for a reason to quiz.

* To answer the questions of two people (named Mum and Dad) on why they waste their time.
* To come up with a reason for why he/she lacks a girlfriend/boyfriend.
* To find out the real reason behind the Wikipedia obsession.
* Because of this stupid theory that there must be a reason behind everything. A destiny.. Can you believe that such goofs exist?
* Because people quiz you on that (:)) after every victory, and an answer should be ready, just in case some journo pops out of nowhere to ask this question.

And here are the top 5 reasons they mention.
* The thrill on every right answer tops the list
* The love of defeating the guy who's beat you at twenty quizzes before and seeing his expression after the quiz is done.
* Proving to your parents that it really wasn't that much of a waste of time.
* Winning money.. Any questions?
* Someone said it gets better with experience.. Like Wine...

And here comes everyone's (tee hee) favorite part of this post. My reasons. :)

To make one thing very clear, I haven't won even ONE major quiz yet. NO, I haven't. I fall under the below average category, and I lose every time. Even with star quizzers as partners. I have come as close as second, but never the first. And I am not worried.

I answer only the most obscure of questions that no one else has answered, and miss out on everything that everyone else in the room have answered. Considering the fact that people answer most of the questions, that is quite a handicap.

I expect very well researched questions from Tintin, Christie, Soccer after 1990 and the American Mafia everywhere I go. Questions that mere mortals cannot answer. And no one has asked me anything from any of these yet.

I want to win in life. At least in something. But hey, the answer's NO! And know what, my mum knows I am going to lose every time I go to a quiz. What answer will you give to the question, "Be back for dinner.. OR are you going to stay after the prelims?" I haven't figured THAT answer yet.

You ask me why I still quiz after all this?

Answer: That same Weird answer. One in twenty five. people get 20 questions out of 25 correct and go on to win the finals. They miss out on that one answer in the prelims sheet. I get only about ten right (well, not always). But I get that one answer right.

Answers like Nebuchadnezzar, Dennis tito, Aruna Sairam, Carlo Gambino, "V", F.r.i.e.n.d.s, Jon Arbuckle, Gauche, Left, 1958, Keats, Sarath Kumar(he he), Egregious..(yup, literary quizzes included). I remember each one of them. They have made my day.

The immediate acceptance from the people in that room that I, Aswin S, am a dark horse who is capable of stealing the day, and their answering in silent fear. That occasional clap from someone, that whisper of a "wow" from someone in that room, the defeated look on the quiz master's face when he was so confident no one was going to answer this... Priceless. And that will keep me going. For years to come.

Right. Those of you who were with me for these answers can post the questions as a comment. :)

Why is talk not taak?

My cousin's 4 year old kid asked me to give her dictations.

Of all the words in the world, I chose talk.

She said, "taak".

I said "talk".

She asked, "Isn't that talk(pronounced like talc)"? Why is there an 'L' unnecessarily?

I said,"L silent".

She said, "So, Why is it there?"

"Someone put it there"

"Why should we use it?"


28 March 2009

Punny-People & Ten reasons why I can make a good manager

Jokers are those gentle souls in the world who keep the world alive by making you laugh..by playing pranks on themselves or others, pulling someone's legs, or by employing humor in a way that it doesn't hurt anyone. These heaven-sent angels can be broadly classified into the funny majority and the pun-ny minority. And the minority, of late, are being heard and appreciated more. Is the recession affecting people's greys? Is this the Grey revolution Morpheus was telling me about during one of our technical discussions?

FYI, Morpheus is the Roman god of sleep and dreams.

I planned to ask this to one of my friends who is, for one, a funny person. Her Boyfriend works with a Shipping corp. So, I began by asking, "Is your guy at sea, as usual?" Her granny called her immediately, so she was off Gtalk. Another friend pinged to tell me how he's in testing, and all his attempts to switch to development projects have bombed. And, how he hates testing. Thanks to the global down-turn, not many other companies are hiring either.. Pretty much unconsciously, I said, "Testing times, my friend..". Looking at all his replies for the same, I prefer to call it "trying times" from now on, or something else..

I realized that, though we make people laugh, we do irritate a lot more. I also realized that I have this innate ability to make people more productive at the workplace by encouraging them to log off Gtalk. (Fire all HR managers. Hire me instead).

And why I can be a good manager:
-> Most people have a grudge on me
-> I always get my work done through others
-> I convince people that doing something I want them to do is their purpose of life
-> I never attend phone calls
-> I don't commit to anything. Everything is tentative.
-> I can talk to a person for more than an hour, yet not answer his query
-> I frame mails such that no blame can fall on me, ever
-> I also have the ability to frame others, if need be. Looking forward to testing it soon
-> I am what Calvin would have been, if he'd grown.
-> Most importantly, My manager's convinced I'll be off to do an MBA sooner or later, that I get a not-so-favorable rating and bonus at work, despite a near-flawless year. Now, I am wondering what to do! Sigh..

PS: This post falls under the research category, "paint-dry" Humor.

26 March 2009

Why do Political Parties win elections?

A political party is a political organization that seeks to attain and maintain political power within government, usually by participating in electoral campaigns. - Wikipedia

This is a sad state, Don't you think? This definition of a political party only talks about attaining Power.

I saw a recent poll on IBN site where a whooping 71 percent said YES to the question, "Are Independents doomed to fail in the General Elections?"

Why are a majority of independents losing, and political parties winning? Despite all of us knowing that the parties will not even do anything to improve the living conditions of the people?

20 March 2009

Do you have a Pet at home? Have you ever thought of Child adoption?

I recently read an article about pet adoption, how to select the breed of the dog you would want to have, how dogs and cats understand humans so much, how they jump at you when you enter the house (no, not talking about Hobbes here).. blah blah blah.

No offence meant at all. Pets are great.

But ever since I randomly wrote in an earlier post of mine as to how many human beings..children at that, would be ready to take the place of the labrador at our homes, I have quit on the idea of pets.

Also, I was at this Bungalow of a place where a friend lives, a long time back. He had a Dalmatian at home, and that day, we were talking while he was feeding it. Btw, It had a really good kennel, all (possibly imported) designer stuff.

There were a group of street kids who were looking at the swimming pool in the house through the holes in the gate. The watchman went after them, made sure he chased them for some distance, came back and said, "Therula suthara #$%$# pasanga.." (Homeless vagabonds). I told him how a Dog can enjoy so much comfort when children run around on the streets... All I got in return was, "Stop this. I don't want to hear your Human Rights thing. Can we talk about something more cheerful?" And he proceeded to talk about other stuff.

I'll never forget that incident. It's not his fault. That is exactly how the Society at large sees things.(Geez, I hope u don't see this blog da. :D)

Pets, u still say? Take a 5 year old kid in, instead. I hope you can see so many of them on the streets everyday.. Not as a 'pet', but as a brother or a sister.

You'll see how much better humans can understand you. Rather than spending so much on pets and vets, Why not give it to a fellow Human Being? Ever heard of all the things these children go through everyday? I wouldn't be surprised if they turn to criminal ways in the future, seeing even only a fraction of how the society treats them.

Gawwd, I guess I'll never understand these people and their ways...

People who immediately start with "How animals are equal to human beings and deserve the same treatment"; please.. I won't agree. Animals don't exactly feel or experience every bit of shame, the hopelessness, the everyday tears, the insults, the harassment.. can't even list all of them here.

I am not really sure if stray dogs deserve to be treated like Humans and not like they are treated on the road today.. But I am too sure that Humans don't deserve to be treated like those stray dogs...

PS: There is a major issue when it comes to picking children off the streets. Their own parents. So, the best legal option is to take orphaned children into care. When you find that children are made to beg by their parents itself / stuff like that, you still have no rights to take the child home with you. A kidnapping case against you will win. In such cases, locate the nearest child care NGO and take the child there. They'll know how to deal with it. More info can be found on the innumerable sites out there on the Internet.

Sorry for the senti. But I wanted to post this for quite some time.

19 March 2009

Why Agile sucks.. My take on Agile Software Development (ASD)

A set of best practices. That seems to be the only reasonable definition we can give for ASD.

When I first heard about Agility, it was as something that's going to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. At the end of my first 1 hour session on that, (that was, say, 8 months back?) I felt...suicidal?
Clubbing up things that successful people do as best practices is by far the silliest thing I have ever known. Now, The term Agile has been associated with every best practice known.. even those that came up before Agile did.

People around the world call it agile. I prefer to call it common sense.

While it is still better than that 'Waterfall Model' or any other crap practiced previously, (most of which were useless), I still hate this concept.

1. What did u do yesterday?
2. What do u plan to do today? and what about tomorrow?
3. What are the blocking issues?

Silliest. If I have a bloody blocking issue, I am going to resolve it or take the help of people who can! Why waste 30 minutes for this!

Either people out there don't trust their employees to do their work on their own and would like to play Grandpa.. Or People don't work unless they are pushed into it. I really don't get it. What is the point in pushing people to work? If they don't want to work, find someone who wants to! Sheesh.

The success of this model, or increased productivity, can clearly tell us that more people in the workplace are average, below average or unwilling to work ! Note again. This is a 'Success' = ">50% of them". Mass hiring of people without looking for talent has taken us to the point that "Common sense" has to be written down as policies.

Hey, by the way, tell me if this is true. I was laughing for one whole day after hearing this.

There is supposedly this published agile paper in some magazine... I could not see it for myself. The gist of it for u from what i heard..
Meetings often tend to go beyond their time limit.. Not anymore!

Ta ta da! We have Agile chairpersons!

He's going to take Super control! He's going to stop u if u cross your allotted 15 minutes. He's going to bring things back on track if any agenda shoots over the limit! He's going to ensure things get done... ON TIME!
Yes, you heard it right! A meeting that shoots past the time will be a thing of the past!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Why do you wear Wristwatches to a meeting, may I ask?
Why do u need one separate guy to look at the clock.. Don't the employees have enough sense to look into their watches??

Okay Okay, now that's all for now on why Agile sucks from a Management's perspective.

We still have the employee..

If I see any employee who vouches for 'how Agile changed his worklife', I will never, and oh, NEVER trust him with my work, at least.

Coz' to me, It effectively means that he never had any common sense to begin with..

PS: This is just my opinion. If you are one of those people who would even need guidelines to brush your teeth properly.. Just ignore this post and get back to Dreamland.. No offence meant!

06 March 2009

A really curious case indeed..

Remakes aren't limited to Ghajini and Pokkiri :P

Forrest Gump, remade, slower & yes, better.. Extremely good visual effects and makeup..

In short,

Life's like a box of Chocolates. You neva know what's coming for ya! :P

For all those dumb enough not to see the similarity on screen..

I liked the Gump fellow a lot. Liked this remake too. If anyone takes a third movie again, Gosh, I'll be sleeping half way through the movie.. Yup, 3 hours again.

Anyways, if ya wanna see Forrest Gump all over again, Brad Pitt style (Wonder why he didn't get the oscar while Hanks got one for teh original ;) ), Get a load of the Curious case of Benjamin Button.

Final Verdict: Remake it may be, but still, it was a good remake, not a spoof. And you gotta applaud them for that.

26 February 2009

Babam ve Oglum - Movie of a Lifetime

I have never seen a movie ever before, that brings a tear to anybody who sees it, at the sound of a violin, or a single word uttered.

Babam Ve Oglum.

Director: Cagan Imrak

Lead Characters:
Ege Tanman ... Deniz
Çetin Tekindor ... Hüseyin
Fikret Kuskan ... Sadik
Hümeyra ... Babanne
Serif Sezer ... Teyze
Yetkin Dikinciler ... Salim

I Salute them all. I have always despised the entertainment industry, most of all the Film industry, at the back of my mind, though I fancy a career there. I have always thought that half the money that goes into movie production or theatres or things like that could feed so many people out there or give them a job, get a living for them.

If someone’s going to bring to the screen a movie like Babam ve Oglum, I’d never ever utter a single word against the industry. Wonder why movies like Slumdog Millionaire get the Oscars when this movie can take every award in every category hands down. You won’t believe that one movie can affect you so much for the moment that you, even if you haven’t cried since 5th grade, would be overwhelmed so much that you’d cry more than the characters on screen. Especially when you watch it alone, without anyone to distract you from the scenes. I have never felt the urge to cry for a long time. This movie reminded me of a lot of things that were hidden in me, that I strongly urge everyone who has had even a glance of this page to watch it at any cost. A must watch movie.

Apart from the Director, who deserves to be recognized at the highest level, I must mention a few words about the background score. NO other BGM I have heard has ever got even close to this. . Out of this World.

Finally, Coming to the story, this movie is about a father, who, after the loss of his wife, takes his little son back to his hometown (from where he had run away, defying his dad) because he suffers from a lung disorder. He wants to ensure that his child has a home when he’s gone, and decides to confront his father and tell him about his condition and reconcile one final time before the final goodbye. And the characters portray the situations and experiences so convincingly that I couldn’t help but put their names on top of this post.

I am sure that this will remain my most favourite movie of all time for a long time to come.


28 January 2009

NGOs in India

I was amazed by a recent "List of NGOs in Bangalore" I came across on the internet.

The List was incomplete without any details about what they do.. But, really, I had no idea SO MANY of them existed in the first place. And a few of them that some of my friends knew were in need of money, terribly.

There are so many trusts, foundations, the CSRs of various fat-pocket MNCs that are actually looking for things to do, but they can't find many things to change out there.Really.

Why don't all these connect??

1. They don't advertise that they have money to give away. You may laugh at this, but Yes, there are fraudulent organizations, fraudulent applications, with fake credentials, which always pose the best case for why One should invest the money there. Coz' their case is fictional, and that's always more exciting than reality to Human beings in general.

2. People don't run around checking if the applications are valid and authentic. People are so busy making the money that they don't have the time or people to run background checks on all the organizations. I feel that deserving people lose out mostly because of this.

3. NGOs don't advertise either. When you don't have the money to run it, Ads are, let's say, out of the picture.

4. MNCs always choose these NGOs you can't doubt, for eg. the Spastics Society. That is good enough for them.

5. The point is, there are a lot more of them, genuine, but not noticed.

6. There is no real one-stop-site that covers all NGOs :)

I think we should do something about it.

If you know a genuine NGO, please add as a comment the following details about it.
-Contact number

I need volunteers. From every place in India. We can track these NGOs, and check what all they really need, what section of the society they look at improving, what cause they have given themselves to etc.. (I have a template in the making :D)

We'll run a check on everything about them. We'll maintain this in a site. Let it become the one page trusts can look into and find what they want. Where they can make a huge change.

I need your views, fellas.

04 January 2009

A Ten Minute Attempt

(In the middle of a movie, when Munish was out talkin on the phone.. So, Don't xpect much :P)

Life wasn’t interesting, would have liked it short,
Till your tsunamic entry into my little world.
You came in to my life and (you) took things apart,
Redefined Beauty, internal, to me.

I loved this change, I loved my first and only change,
Just seeing you smile made my day.
You never knew that I even looked at you,
You just took my Breath away!

Things changed a lot, so did time..
I moved out of the city, against my wish.
I couldn’t see you anymore, not even in a pic,
Taken out of water, this little fish.

Missed you a lot, I couldn’t get you off my mind
Didn’t like any other girl. Not even one.
Days turned Months, Months turned years,
I became a Zombie, You became my dream.

Went back to the city, when I could think on my own,
Searched your street, my street and every place else,
Couldn’t find you at all, except in my heart,
I gave up hope, but couldn’t give you up.

What a waste, this life is, I couldn’t even find you..
Here I am wasting myself, whilst you mightn’t know I existed.
Did you even know me? Do you know my name?
Even if you did, do you remember me??

Not many questions, even fewer answers,
Gave up hope, but couldn’t give you up buddy..
Another girl enters, but the heart is divided,
I wonder how to breathe in, after breathing in already.

The day I saw you again, a feeling that is unbound joy,
Flowing through me, a feeling that couldn’t be hidden,
You not only knew me, but also remembered me,
“Oh my God, I can’t believe this”, You said and...

...later asked me, “Would you be my Man?”
Followed by, “Just kidding, No one can”.
I felt reborn, though for a second,
But I felt so empty, more like Hollow.

It took a week before I could be a li’l normal,
Before I decided to tell you that you were my Destiny,
But When you told me that you were in love with some one,
There was nothing left in me, coz’ yea, of course, it was someone else.

You were in my dream today, yet another time,
To remind me how things shoulda been ideally.
You talk rarely, Then I try not to show myself,
Coz’ I ain’t the guy you think I am. Coz’ I act.

Beauty in all its manifestations
Just beyond the end of my outstretched arm,
You just flew away, coz’ I didn’t wanna hurt you one bit.
So, I’ll just stay good, and savour all those little rare smileys.

And live through, just the same.