28 January 2009

NGOs in India

I was amazed by a recent "List of NGOs in Bangalore" I came across on the internet.

The List was incomplete without any details about what they do.. But, really, I had no idea SO MANY of them existed in the first place. And a few of them that some of my friends knew were in need of money, terribly.

There are so many trusts, foundations, the CSRs of various fat-pocket MNCs that are actually looking for things to do, but they can't find many things to change out there.Really.

Why don't all these connect??

1. They don't advertise that they have money to give away. You may laugh at this, but Yes, there are fraudulent organizations, fraudulent applications, with fake credentials, which always pose the best case for why One should invest the money there. Coz' their case is fictional, and that's always more exciting than reality to Human beings in general.

2. People don't run around checking if the applications are valid and authentic. People are so busy making the money that they don't have the time or people to run background checks on all the organizations. I feel that deserving people lose out mostly because of this.

3. NGOs don't advertise either. When you don't have the money to run it, Ads are, let's say, out of the picture.

4. MNCs always choose these NGOs you can't doubt, for eg. the Spastics Society. That is good enough for them.

5. The point is, there are a lot more of them, genuine, but not noticed.

6. There is no real one-stop-site that covers all NGOs :)

I think we should do something about it.

If you know a genuine NGO, please add as a comment the following details about it.
-Contact number

I need volunteers. From every place in India. We can track these NGOs, and check what all they really need, what section of the society they look at improving, what cause they have given themselves to etc.. (I have a template in the making :D)

We'll run a check on everything about them. We'll maintain this in a site. Let it become the one page trusts can look into and find what they want. Where they can make a huge change.

I need your views, fellas.


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