04 January 2009

A Ten Minute Attempt

(In the middle of a movie, when Munish was out talkin on the phone.. So, Don't xpect much :P)

Life wasn’t interesting, would have liked it short,
Till your tsunamic entry into my little world.
You came in to my life and (you) took things apart,
Redefined Beauty, internal, to me.

I loved this change, I loved my first and only change,
Just seeing you smile made my day.
You never knew that I even looked at you,
You just took my Breath away!

Things changed a lot, so did time..
I moved out of the city, against my wish.
I couldn’t see you anymore, not even in a pic,
Taken out of water, this little fish.

Missed you a lot, I couldn’t get you off my mind
Didn’t like any other girl. Not even one.
Days turned Months, Months turned years,
I became a Zombie, You became my dream.

Went back to the city, when I could think on my own,
Searched your street, my street and every place else,
Couldn’t find you at all, except in my heart,
I gave up hope, but couldn’t give you up.

What a waste, this life is, I couldn’t even find you..
Here I am wasting myself, whilst you mightn’t know I existed.
Did you even know me? Do you know my name?
Even if you did, do you remember me??

Not many questions, even fewer answers,
Gave up hope, but couldn’t give you up buddy..
Another girl enters, but the heart is divided,
I wonder how to breathe in, after breathing in already.

The day I saw you again, a feeling that is unbound joy,
Flowing through me, a feeling that couldn’t be hidden,
You not only knew me, but also remembered me,
“Oh my God, I can’t believe this”, You said and...

...later asked me, “Would you be my Man?”
Followed by, “Just kidding, No one can”.
I felt reborn, though for a second,
But I felt so empty, more like Hollow.

It took a week before I could be a li’l normal,
Before I decided to tell you that you were my Destiny,
But When you told me that you were in love with some one,
There was nothing left in me, coz’ yea, of course, it was someone else.

You were in my dream today, yet another time,
To remind me how things shoulda been ideally.
You talk rarely, Then I try not to show myself,
Coz’ I ain’t the guy you think I am. Coz’ I act.

Beauty in all its manifestations
Just beyond the end of my outstretched arm,
You just flew away, coz’ I didn’t wanna hurt you one bit.
So, I’ll just stay good, and savour all those little rare smileys.

And live through, just the same.


  1. Hey.. beautiful one da !!.. :)..
    y peelings by d way??!! :)

  2. Good one da... Experience????:)

  3. Entirely imaginary. :)

    Thank you! :))) Looking for suggestions to improve.

  4. Imaginary !?!! don't lie.. ;)

  5. That's your hormonal imbalance which you glorify as love :) So get moving and find another person that you want to mate with and you will get the same feelings after a period of time.

    I don't really know why one should glorify one's biological behavior over carefully thought out theorems, proofs and thought experiments. There's more to life than satisfying the basic desires. :)

    Poets and painters write and sing about love because it's one of the common human experiences. I wish they didn't hype it so much. The only thing which is hyped more is sports :)

  6. @Munish:
    Next post unna pathi eldalam nu iruken.. ok va? :P

    If Sports and Love don't deserve attention, I don't see what else does.

    Ok, forget Love.

    Sports?! Can you live without it?? You must be Mad! :)

    On a more personal note, I believe that if Drugs can help you, So can Poems & Quotes..

    Writing these things is like making a movie or writing a Novel. You entertain people, you take them to an other world, you send out messages.. etc, etc..

  7. Extended:
    The joy of Creation has no bounds. :P

  8. Anonymous9:36 PM

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  9. Hard to believe it is entirely imaginary :)

    Ranga has said Sports and Love has been hyped much. I certainly disagree, maybe it can be said that many things have not been given the importance they might have deserved.

    I believe the reason for sports and art to be glorified than other things might be due to the fact that a common man can more easily relate to love and sport.

  10. @Aswin

    Sports is a fun thing to do, love is a fun thing to do. That doesn't mean that they are somehow above other things in life. I merely state that they are not more important than other things which you are doing everyday. (Which everybody knows but don't tell so)

    "Poets and painters write and sing about love because it's one of the common human experiences." - Same reasoning as yours, it is common and one of our good experiences, they might be the best experiences of our life too. It doesn't make it great or something which is aloof. Its appeal is because it is common.

  11. @Mayil na:

    You'll have to take my word for it :P

    Imagining a situation and writing about it as if it's real.. That's what i tried here. :P


    It also does not mean anything else in life is more important than sports or love.

    They are fun things to do, yes. If Life is not fun, what's the point? :)

  12. Don't get me wrong, I am not against writing about good things in life or enjoyment got in life due to fun. I do things only if it's fun for me. I hate doing things otherwise.

    You are correct in saying it is equally important, and I am concerned with the amount of attention they are receiving and amount of importance that are attached to these things are above other things. It's like Fashion show and film gossip receiving more attention. It's how humans work, I guess!

  13. ...when things like illiteracy and poverty hang above the head. is that what you mean? :)

  14. Nope. Simpler things like food, exercise, morning walks, gardenng, having a pet and list goes on :)

  15. I can't see a difference between a morning walk and a poem.. :)

  16. woah was this the new blog u told me abt? Its great :)

  17. Yea. This is the same post..
    Thanks for the "Great", G! :P