26 February 2009

Babam ve Oglum - Movie of a Lifetime

I have never seen a movie ever before, that brings a tear to anybody who sees it, at the sound of a violin, or a single word uttered.

Babam Ve Oglum.

Director: Cagan Imrak

Lead Characters:
Ege Tanman ... Deniz
Çetin Tekindor ... Hüseyin
Fikret Kuskan ... Sadik
Hümeyra ... Babanne
Serif Sezer ... Teyze
Yetkin Dikinciler ... Salim

I Salute them all. I have always despised the entertainment industry, most of all the Film industry, at the back of my mind, though I fancy a career there. I have always thought that half the money that goes into movie production or theatres or things like that could feed so many people out there or give them a job, get a living for them.

If someone’s going to bring to the screen a movie like Babam ve Oglum, I’d never ever utter a single word against the industry. Wonder why movies like Slumdog Millionaire get the Oscars when this movie can take every award in every category hands down. You won’t believe that one movie can affect you so much for the moment that you, even if you haven’t cried since 5th grade, would be overwhelmed so much that you’d cry more than the characters on screen. Especially when you watch it alone, without anyone to distract you from the scenes. I have never felt the urge to cry for a long time. This movie reminded me of a lot of things that were hidden in me, that I strongly urge everyone who has had even a glance of this page to watch it at any cost. A must watch movie.

Apart from the Director, who deserves to be recognized at the highest level, I must mention a few words about the background score. NO other BGM I have heard has ever got even close to this. . Out of this World.

Finally, Coming to the story, this movie is about a father, who, after the loss of his wife, takes his little son back to his hometown (from where he had run away, defying his dad) because he suffers from a lung disorder. He wants to ensure that his child has a home when he’s gone, and decides to confront his father and tell him about his condition and reconcile one final time before the final goodbye. And the characters portray the situations and experiences so convincingly that I couldn’t help but put their names on top of this post.

I am sure that this will remain my most favourite movie of all time for a long time to come.


01 February 2009

Primary School Life , Perfect. :)