20 March 2009

Do you have a Pet at home? Have you ever thought of Child adoption?

I recently read an article about pet adoption, how to select the breed of the dog you would want to have, how dogs and cats understand humans so much, how they jump at you when you enter the house (no, not talking about Hobbes here).. blah blah blah.

No offence meant at all. Pets are great.

But ever since I randomly wrote in an earlier post of mine as to how many human beings..children at that, would be ready to take the place of the labrador at our homes, I have quit on the idea of pets.

Also, I was at this Bungalow of a place where a friend lives, a long time back. He had a Dalmatian at home, and that day, we were talking while he was feeding it. Btw, It had a really good kennel, all (possibly imported) designer stuff.

There were a group of street kids who were looking at the swimming pool in the house through the holes in the gate. The watchman went after them, made sure he chased them for some distance, came back and said, "Therula suthara #$%$# pasanga.." (Homeless vagabonds). I told him how a Dog can enjoy so much comfort when children run around on the streets... All I got in return was, "Stop this. I don't want to hear your Human Rights thing. Can we talk about something more cheerful?" And he proceeded to talk about other stuff.

I'll never forget that incident. It's not his fault. That is exactly how the Society at large sees things.(Geez, I hope u don't see this blog da. :D)

Pets, u still say? Take a 5 year old kid in, instead. I hope you can see so many of them on the streets everyday.. Not as a 'pet', but as a brother or a sister.

You'll see how much better humans can understand you. Rather than spending so much on pets and vets, Why not give it to a fellow Human Being? Ever heard of all the things these children go through everyday? I wouldn't be surprised if they turn to criminal ways in the future, seeing even only a fraction of how the society treats them.

Gawwd, I guess I'll never understand these people and their ways...

People who immediately start with "How animals are equal to human beings and deserve the same treatment"; please.. I won't agree. Animals don't exactly feel or experience every bit of shame, the hopelessness, the everyday tears, the insults, the harassment.. can't even list all of them here.

I am not really sure if stray dogs deserve to be treated like Humans and not like they are treated on the road today.. But I am too sure that Humans don't deserve to be treated like those stray dogs...

PS: There is a major issue when it comes to picking children off the streets. Their own parents. So, the best legal option is to take orphaned children into care. When you find that children are made to beg by their parents itself / stuff like that, you still have no rights to take the child home with you. A kidnapping case against you will win. In such cases, locate the nearest child care NGO and take the child there. They'll know how to deal with it. More info can be found on the innumerable sites out there on the Internet.

Sorry for the senti. But I wanted to post this for quite some time.


  1. Just saw.

    this is Post number 50 for WHAT. :)

  2. So true... but being an animal lover myself, let me say something. Many homeless pups, like children, are killed because they have no home.

    But as you say if we cant show the well needed compassion to fellow human beings, who will? Loved the post.

  3. Thanks for visiting Vaish. :)

    What you say is also true. But know what?

    In Std X (or is it XI?) Biology books in TN state, there was this section on Rabies which started with, "Stray Dogs should be captured and 'Killed'." I don't know if that part is still there.

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