28 March 2009

Punny-People & Ten reasons why I can make a good manager

Jokers are those gentle souls in the world who keep the world alive by making you laugh..by playing pranks on themselves or others, pulling someone's legs, or by employing humor in a way that it doesn't hurt anyone. These heaven-sent angels can be broadly classified into the funny majority and the pun-ny minority. And the minority, of late, are being heard and appreciated more. Is the recession affecting people's greys? Is this the Grey revolution Morpheus was telling me about during one of our technical discussions?

FYI, Morpheus is the Roman god of sleep and dreams.

I planned to ask this to one of my friends who is, for one, a funny person. Her Boyfriend works with a Shipping corp. So, I began by asking, "Is your guy at sea, as usual?" Her granny called her immediately, so she was off Gtalk. Another friend pinged to tell me how he's in testing, and all his attempts to switch to development projects have bombed. And, how he hates testing. Thanks to the global down-turn, not many other companies are hiring either.. Pretty much unconsciously, I said, "Testing times, my friend..". Looking at all his replies for the same, I prefer to call it "trying times" from now on, or something else..

I realized that, though we make people laugh, we do irritate a lot more. I also realized that I have this innate ability to make people more productive at the workplace by encouraging them to log off Gtalk. (Fire all HR managers. Hire me instead).

And why I can be a good manager:
-> Most people have a grudge on me
-> I always get my work done through others
-> I convince people that doing something I want them to do is their purpose of life
-> I never attend phone calls
-> I don't commit to anything. Everything is tentative.
-> I can talk to a person for more than an hour, yet not answer his query
-> I frame mails such that no blame can fall on me, ever
-> I also have the ability to frame others, if need be. Looking forward to testing it soon
-> I am what Calvin would have been, if he'd grown.
-> Most importantly, My manager's convinced I'll be off to do an MBA sooner or later, that I get a not-so-favorable rating and bonus at work, despite a near-flawless year. Now, I am wondering what to do! Sigh..

PS: This post falls under the research category, "paint-dry" Humor.

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