06 March 2009

A really curious case indeed..

Remakes aren't limited to Ghajini and Pokkiri :P

Forrest Gump, remade, slower & yes, better.. Extremely good visual effects and makeup..

In short,

Life's like a box of Chocolates. You neva know what's coming for ya! :P

For all those dumb enough not to see the similarity on screen..

I liked the Gump fellow a lot. Liked this remake too. If anyone takes a third movie again, Gosh, I'll be sleeping half way through the movie.. Yup, 3 hours again.

Anyways, if ya wanna see Forrest Gump all over again, Brad Pitt style (Wonder why he didn't get the oscar while Hanks got one for teh original ;) ), Get a load of the Curious case of Benjamin Button.

Final Verdict: Remake it may be, but still, it was a good remake, not a spoof. And you gotta applaud them for that.

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  1. Very true but lets not even try comparing Brad Pit (puke) and Tom Hanks (God!)