29 March 2009

The "Why do I Quiz?" post fever

Why do I quiz?

At least five blogs I've been to has this post. The rest of the blogs I read are not Quizzer material.. That makes it, well, quite a percentage.. Here's an insight into why people search for a reason to quiz.

* To answer the questions of two people (named Mum and Dad) on why they waste their time.
* To come up with a reason for why he/she lacks a girlfriend/boyfriend.
* To find out the real reason behind the Wikipedia obsession.
* Because of this stupid theory that there must be a reason behind everything. A destiny.. Can you believe that such goofs exist?
* Because people quiz you on that (:)) after every victory, and an answer should be ready, just in case some journo pops out of nowhere to ask this question.

And here are the top 5 reasons they mention.
* The thrill on every right answer tops the list
* The love of defeating the guy who's beat you at twenty quizzes before and seeing his expression after the quiz is done.
* Proving to your parents that it really wasn't that much of a waste of time.
* Winning money.. Any questions?
* Someone said it gets better with experience.. Like Wine...

And here comes everyone's (tee hee) favorite part of this post. My reasons. :)

To make one thing very clear, I haven't won even ONE major quiz yet. NO, I haven't. I fall under the below average category, and I lose every time. Even with star quizzers as partners. I have come as close as second, but never the first. And I am not worried.

I answer only the most obscure of questions that no one else has answered, and miss out on everything that everyone else in the room have answered. Considering the fact that people answer most of the questions, that is quite a handicap.

I expect very well researched questions from Tintin, Christie, Soccer after 1990 and the American Mafia everywhere I go. Questions that mere mortals cannot answer. And no one has asked me anything from any of these yet.

I want to win in life. At least in something. But hey, the answer's NO! And know what, my mum knows I am going to lose every time I go to a quiz. What answer will you give to the question, "Be back for dinner.. OR are you going to stay after the prelims?" I haven't figured THAT answer yet.

You ask me why I still quiz after all this?

Answer: That same Weird answer. One in twenty five. people get 20 questions out of 25 correct and go on to win the finals. They miss out on that one answer in the prelims sheet. I get only about ten right (well, not always). But I get that one answer right.

Answers like Nebuchadnezzar, Dennis tito, Aruna Sairam, Carlo Gambino, "V", F.r.i.e.n.d.s, Jon Arbuckle, Gauche, Left, 1958, Keats, Sarath Kumar(he he), Egregious..(yup, literary quizzes included). I remember each one of them. They have made my day.

The immediate acceptance from the people in that room that I, Aswin S, am a dark horse who is capable of stealing the day, and their answering in silent fear. That occasional clap from someone, that whisper of a "wow" from someone in that room, the defeated look on the quiz master's face when he was so confident no one was going to answer this... Priceless. And that will keep me going. For years to come.

Right. Those of you who were with me for these answers can post the questions as a comment. :)


  1. What are heck are you talking about? I answered the quiz about the voice on the lakshadibadhi program. Give proper credit to the right person, always!

  2. :) Oops. I guess so. :P

  3. dai naaye....

    havent checked out your blog in agess...and look whats been happening behind my back...

    great post though...
    hmm...aruna sairam was with urs truly i remember :)

    hmm...the answer obviously lies in us combining forces once agin....

    wotsay :)