29 March 2009

Why is talk not taak?

My cousin's 4 year old kid asked me to give her dictations.

Of all the words in the world, I chose talk.

She said, "taak".

I said "talk".

She asked, "Isn't that talk(pronounced like talc)"? Why is there an 'L' unnecessarily?

I said,"L silent".

She said, "So, Why is it there?"

"Someone put it there"

"Why should we use it?"



  1. Maybe you should teach her how to sms first.

  2. even u don't have any idea why they were introduced?

    wikipedia didn't too. :)

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  4. i can see a jr. sreevatsa praveen in the making

  5. But dictionary.com has an answer!
    Talk was derived from the word tale with -k suffix.. that's why "l" is present!

  6. jun manda... never..

    courtesy Prof Munish Mukabula
    talk (v.)
    c.1225, talken, probably a dim. or frequentative form related to M.E. tale "story," ultimately from the same source as tale (cf. hark from hear, stalk from steal) and replacing that word as a verb. E.Fris. has talken "to talk, chatter, whisper." To talk shop is from 1854. To talk turkey is from 1824, supposedly from an elaborate joke about a swindled Indian. Talking head is from 1968. Talkative is first recorded 1432. To talk back "answer impudently or rudely" is from 1869.