28 April 2009

A Note to me from Sarath Babu, South Chennai Candidate

1. How possible is it to fulfill the promises in your manifesto? Like achieving 95% literacy. Have you already evolved a step by step practical approach? Prove to us that you are truly committed to the constituency rather than FoodKing etc..
Ans: My life story has a good track record of my commitment and sincerity. Chennai South is one of the most educated constituencies in India. The challenge is to get students and adults from the poor strata to schools. In my manifesto, you would have seen that my stress is on the following:
a) improved access to schools
b) better sanitation and infrastructure
c) campaign to get children and adults to schools
Literacy is required to read newspapers, perform calculations of money and writing letters. The focus is to first make 95% (taking into account transient labour population) of chennai literate, and then move towards making them finish primary education.

2. How can we track what you do in case you get selected? Will you keep a separate blog, or will someone write what you did or will that be updated on this site?
Ans: I would be publishing my annual targets in leading english and tamil newspapers and my website. Following that i will publish quarterly, half-yearly and annual results of the targets achieved. I am willing to put my appraisal in front of my people who have reposed their faith in me.

3. How can we reach you in case of anything? People in South Chennai should be able to convey their issues to you through some means any minute.
Ans: This has been answered in the manifesto. Youth stations in each assembly constituency will help you reach me. For more serious issues like corruption, you can directly get in touch with me / my office.

4. What is your view on reservations in educational institutions?
Ans: Reservations are good for people who deserve them. But today it has become an issue of politics and misuse. There are rules about consideration of economic status and not giving reservation to creamy layer. There are implementation issues as politicians do not want to upset their vote banks. I do not believe in such vote bank politics.

Please go through my updated site : www.sarathbabu.co.in

I hope my replies have convinced you to vote for me and join my campaign so that other people also vote for me.

All the best to you for a great showing in the elections, in a constituency from where prominent leaders like Ila Ganesan contest.

" Vote for Slate! " :)

PS: His manifesto is available for download at www.sarathbabu.co.in

24 April 2009

The Government and Non-Govt Organisations

1. Supporting Education. Taking education within the reach of everyone.
2. Taking children off the street and giving them food, clothing, shelter.
3. Funding those Orphanages / Child care centres.

Aren't all these supposed to be done by the Government??? Why are there so many NGOs out there doing these and many more activities, had the Government worked?

Why aren't these in any Party's manifesto? Of course, I did see in a party's manifesto that they plan to increase reservation to help these studs. Duh! To hell with parties.

Vote for an Independent who knows what it means to live a life like that. Someone who'll truly work on these basics rather than putting the money into a flyover that will never be completed or collecting costly shoes or into any family businesses.

Unearth all the black money stashed in the belly of every politician out there.

We'll have enough money to feed everyone for ever.

19 April 2009

Race - Very Random stuff

When I ran along the way of life
Faster than others, more confident
When I could kick problems away and laugh out loud
I felt like the One, lemme rule them all.

But Speed breakers too many, And some had nails
Stepped on one such and Strike three! Out!
I can't even walk now, people overtake me
And I realise now how I managed to beat them so far.

They were slow because they were careful.

Even if I manage to take the nail out,
The bone's had it, I can't run like that anymore.
I need to run with a leg and dragging the other,
Like heck, why didn't I see the nail coming?!

Till I get up and join the race,
Oh Will I? Hope I don't lose hope.
I am trying to pull the nail out and start again,
Before the race is over...

PS: Imaginary as usual. I don't believe in races, though. I am the "Spectator" :)

18 April 2009

The Wall rocks!

Nobody says Dravid's a goner, and underline that!

The Wall rocks, Yay!

Elections Ahead!

May 13 is the day for my constitueny, South Chennai.

Proud to Vote. As of now, I have decided to vote for Sarath Babu, entrepreneur, the owner of FoodKing, alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and BITS Pilani. Also MTV Youth Icon of 2008.

How about you?

15 April 2009

A Dream unfolds...

Her delicate smile would so melt me, Her eyebrow movement, a gentle dance;
And she'd be my greatest support system, giving me Her hand to hold.
Afraid to touch the tender Her, as tender as Butterfly wings...
Afraid it may hurt Her. Her, of course, being the perfect mould.

Eyes I can forever float in, exploring horizons and getting lost,
For Years I'd do the same little thing, And never feel the least bit bored.
She's imaginary. At least for now. For She's one not of this world...
Halo 'round the head as She laughs with me. Oh, She's a new variety. Called "Priceless Gold".

So, this comes out as many think my previous attempts were anything but imaginary. Now, this is not! This is a peep into the future... hopefully! :)

05 April 2009

Best-est friend

I am not your best-est friend. Yup, I know it.

Things are far from reality, as they are.
We shouldn't push it further, acting and coaxing.
I may be there... perhaps, at number eleven?
Nope, I don't want this fancy heaven.

I am not your best-est friend. Stop pretending.

Stop that talking, behind my back.
If u got somethin, more than willing to hear it.
I would crush myself to keep the glass from crack-
-ing, coz' you should know, that's how true pals do it.

I am not your best-est friend. Glad u tried.

I have considered each one true, to my best
But you all may not even remember me,
sometime from now... You don't know, but I got lots to say
But telling you's a crime. That I can see.

I am not your best-est friend.

I am not your best-est friend. Why all this row???
I am not your best-est friend. Just Don't Stay, GO!
I am not your best-est friend. I know, I know.
I am not your best-est friend. I don't care, though.

04 April 2009

Looking Inside..

I yearn for someone. To talk to, to walk with.
I lost you, without even competing. Shoulda at least tried.
Miss? ha ha, I miss you like hell !
Even without talking to you much.

I shouldn't be brooding over
You; without you even knowin'.
I take out the memory weed, one by one,
But with every cut, it just keeps on growing.

When days get long,
When things go so wrong,
I chant your name girl. Ah, Memories...
I search for Calm. I search for Peace.

Lost a lot in life; yup, still reeling...
Today, things.. things, they do look torn...
I want to confide in you, my every damn feeling...
But Oh, yea whatever, You are already gone...