15 April 2009

A Dream unfolds...

Her delicate smile would so melt me, Her eyebrow movement, a gentle dance;
And she'd be my greatest support system, giving me Her hand to hold.
Afraid to touch the tender Her, as tender as Butterfly wings...
Afraid it may hurt Her. Her, of course, being the perfect mould.

Eyes I can forever float in, exploring horizons and getting lost,
For Years I'd do the same little thing, And never feel the least bit bored.
She's imaginary. At least for now. For She's one not of this world...
Halo 'round the head as She laughs with me. Oh, She's a new variety. Called "Priceless Gold".

So, this comes out as many think my previous attempts were anything but imaginary. Now, this is not! This is a peep into the future... hopefully! :)

1 comment:

  1. Nice one again. Hard to believe it is imaginary. But your girl will be lucky da :)