24 April 2009

The Government and Non-Govt Organisations

1. Supporting Education. Taking education within the reach of everyone.
2. Taking children off the street and giving them food, clothing, shelter.
3. Funding those Orphanages / Child care centres.

Aren't all these supposed to be done by the Government??? Why are there so many NGOs out there doing these and many more activities, had the Government worked?

Why aren't these in any Party's manifesto? Of course, I did see in a party's manifesto that they plan to increase reservation to help these studs. Duh! To hell with parties.

Vote for an Independent who knows what it means to live a life like that. Someone who'll truly work on these basics rather than putting the money into a flyover that will never be completed or collecting costly shoes or into any family businesses.

Unearth all the black money stashed in the belly of every politician out there.

We'll have enough money to feed everyone for ever.

1 comment:

  1. The reason for so many NGO's doing out the work which needs to be done by the Government is to do with the mentality of us.

    In most of the cases if a thing is not working, we don't try to correct it, instead we look for an alternative. It works out in well in our private as well as public life.

    People will file a PIL for showing Cricket on DD, but there would be none highlight the plight of destitute children.

    One more reason for numerous NGOs working in the 3 areas you have mentioned is due to the fact that people can see immediate response in this avenues. i.e. when you give a child food, clothing, shelter, fund orphanages you can see smiles on the faces of children.

    However if you do work like what 5th pillar does (http://india.5thpillar.org/) you will need to be more focused, comitted and hard working. Why waste your time in something like that if you can be happy with doing something simple.

    And I am no exception