04 April 2009

Looking Inside..

I yearn for someone. To talk to, to walk with.
I lost you, without even competing. Shoulda at least tried.
Miss? ha ha, I miss you like hell !
Even without talking to you much.

I shouldn't be brooding over
You; without you even knowin'.
I take out the memory weed, one by one,
But with every cut, it just keeps on growing.

When days get long,
When things go so wrong,
I chant your name girl. Ah, Memories...
I search for Calm. I search for Peace.

Lost a lot in life; yup, still reeling...
Today, things.. things, they do look torn...
I want to confide in you, my every damn feeling...
But Oh, yea whatever, You are already gone...


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  2. Disclaimer:
    The Imaginary girl in the previous work is different from the Imaginary girl in this post.

    Please refrain yourselves from thinking too much.

  3. So I should not think too much about the imaginery girl hmm...
    Sticking to the post... good one comes straight from where it should?

  4. Good one da. Onnum sollurathukku illai :)