28 April 2009

A Note to me from Sarath Babu, South Chennai Candidate

1. How possible is it to fulfill the promises in your manifesto? Like achieving 95% literacy. Have you already evolved a step by step practical approach? Prove to us that you are truly committed to the constituency rather than FoodKing etc..
Ans: My life story has a good track record of my commitment and sincerity. Chennai South is one of the most educated constituencies in India. The challenge is to get students and adults from the poor strata to schools. In my manifesto, you would have seen that my stress is on the following:
a) improved access to schools
b) better sanitation and infrastructure
c) campaign to get children and adults to schools
Literacy is required to read newspapers, perform calculations of money and writing letters. The focus is to first make 95% (taking into account transient labour population) of chennai literate, and then move towards making them finish primary education.

2. How can we track what you do in case you get selected? Will you keep a separate blog, or will someone write what you did or will that be updated on this site?
Ans: I would be publishing my annual targets in leading english and tamil newspapers and my website. Following that i will publish quarterly, half-yearly and annual results of the targets achieved. I am willing to put my appraisal in front of my people who have reposed their faith in me.

3. How can we reach you in case of anything? People in South Chennai should be able to convey their issues to you through some means any minute.
Ans: This has been answered in the manifesto. Youth stations in each assembly constituency will help you reach me. For more serious issues like corruption, you can directly get in touch with me / my office.

4. What is your view on reservations in educational institutions?
Ans: Reservations are good for people who deserve them. But today it has become an issue of politics and misuse. There are rules about consideration of economic status and not giving reservation to creamy layer. There are implementation issues as politicians do not want to upset their vote banks. I do not believe in such vote bank politics.

Please go through my updated site : www.sarathbabu.co.in

I hope my replies have convinced you to vote for me and join my campaign so that other people also vote for me.

All the best to you for a great showing in the elections, in a constituency from where prominent leaders like Ila Ganesan contest.

" Vote for Slate! " :)

PS: His manifesto is available for download at www.sarathbabu.co.in


  1. Where did you post these questions?

  2. You can get to him through his website mentioned in the post.