19 April 2009

Race - Very Random stuff

When I ran along the way of life
Faster than others, more confident
When I could kick problems away and laugh out loud
I felt like the One, lemme rule them all.

But Speed breakers too many, And some had nails
Stepped on one such and Strike three! Out!
I can't even walk now, people overtake me
And I realise now how I managed to beat them so far.

They were slow because they were careful.

Even if I manage to take the nail out,
The bone's had it, I can't run like that anymore.
I need to run with a leg and dragging the other,
Like heck, why didn't I see the nail coming?!

Till I get up and join the race,
Oh Will I? Hope I don't lose hope.
I am trying to pull the nail out and start again,
Before the race is over...

PS: Imaginary as usual. I don't believe in races, though. I am the "Spectator" :)

1 comment:

  1. Seems slowly you are turning conservative (maybe not you but your thinking).