16 May 2009

Early trends...

DMK+ ahead in TN
ADMK+ doing well
BJP is leading in one place, god alone knows where...
Independents getting badly bashed.

Would voting not-so-great performers back to power, neglecting highly qualified independent candidates go down as a show of illiteracy and money power in TN?

Or would voting for some party which would actually have a say in the national perspective go down as a civilized, clever move?

Difficult question.

08 May 2009

An old post I forgot to publish - What we need

India does not need a PM who will give out expression-less speeches when a whole city is under siege by Terrorists.

India does not need a PM who will still only smile and shake hands with Pakistani Leaders even as they "Rubbish" India's evidence, when even the smallest of kids in their country know that it's true.

India does not need Leaders who bribe people for votes.

We most definitely don't want an Election Commission that takes no action, even when a poll manifesto says that the party, if elected, would give 60 lakh Television sets to the people of the state. The party won, and is bribing away with the Govt money. Why waste your money and bribe, if you can use the Govt coffers to do it later.. Simpler way of doing it, don't you agree?

India, my country, does not need television news channels who don't care what they incite through their transmissions.

We don't need any of the currently elected MLAs and MPs, across the nation. They don't do anything anyway.

We don't need Policemen who stand and watch as some student is brutally and fatally beaten up by a crowd of Twenty. We don't need Policemen who fear Political backlashes.

We don't need further divisions among the people based on Color, caste, religion or race. We don't need Political parties who propagate such divisions.

We don't need the other pseudo-secular divide-n-rule National party either.

We don't need regional parties which incite inter-state tensions. We don't need the umpteen languages and we definitely don't want to lose so many lives in violence.

We don't need the people who ask for our religion, caste and mother tongue in their application forms. No Sir, We don't!

We are relying on NGOs to improve literacy rate.
We are relying on Corporate sponsorship for Technology.
We rely on Russia and USA for too many things.
We are a nation which has never learnt from its mistakes in the past.
We are the best there is when it comes to Man power, Quality & Quantity wise. But we never develop in anything.
We are a jigsaw puzzle, uncontrolled, unsolved.

Yes, India needs a damn Strong leadership.
A leader who can be ruthless when times demand it, and kind when they don't.
Someone who can truly control stuff here. Someone who can solve the puzzle.