16 May 2009

Early trends...

DMK+ ahead in TN
ADMK+ doing well
BJP is leading in one place, god alone knows where...
Independents getting badly bashed.

Would voting not-so-great performers back to power, neglecting highly qualified independent candidates go down as a show of illiteracy and money power in TN?

Or would voting for some party which would actually have a say in the national perspective go down as a civilized, clever move?

Difficult question.


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  2. Do you think wondering about this is going to work? I am disappointed and disillusioned about indian politics all over again!

  3. @Vaishnavi

    That is what people need to work on. It's oligopoly in the political market at present. A few, very powerful persons at the top control the market.

    Barrier to entry is way too high. New players can't match their muscle. People need to understand that not caring about it is going to make the situation worse.

    It's like putting off a difficult work-item at work. The later it gets, the more difficult it becomes.

    Sadly, like Calvin says, we always wait for the right mood to work on stuff, like "last minute panic".