13 June 2009


Hello people!

This is a small initiative from our side to rank the colleges in the
state to make it easier for students to pick theirs this year. We wish
all the TNEA rank holders all the best.

Ranking basis:

The rank of the last person who could get that course in that college
in the Open category. This is a more realistic pattern when we look at
what seats we may get this year rather than getting into a long
discussion on placements and faculty. People have done their research,
talked to people they know and looked up the infrastructure last year
to take their seats. All we need to do is use that data. All those
websites out there contain data. We give you information.

If you are worrying about what college to choose for your son,
daughter, nephew, niece, grand daughter, grandson, cousin or for
yourself, you are at the right place!

1. Electronics and Communication
2. Electrical and Electronics
3. Computerscience
4. Information Technology
5. Aeronautical
6. Electronics and Instrumentation
7. Mechanical
8. Civil
9. Automobile
10. Chemical

If you need any other specific info, do leave a comment and let us know...of course, we are working on updates.


  1. a nice and elegant method to arrive at ranking. but i still doubt the rationality of the majority.. it's always safe to do the due diligence..

  2. what ?!! chemical engg isn't a discipline u guys track ??? or u dont know many chemical engineers around ?!!!! hmpfff......

  3. @Anand: Yes, and that'd be our disclaimer :)

    @Monk: Ha ha ha ha! These are courses present in over ten colleges in the state. The rest of the courses are not. Anyways, would do that for a chemical engineer I know.

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  5. please post the criteria you considered. that will make this list credible.

  6. Chemical engineering added!