20 July 2009

Do you know who you really are?

If you think that question’s silly or meaningless, I am sure you do not know yourself very well. Do you speak your mind, or do you say what is expected of you? Does your social behavior truly reflect your character? Let’s not mistake personality for character, ok?

Why do we express?

We begin expressing ourselves first as a baby, crying to get attention. That is the truest and purest form of expression, reflecting our innermost desires... reflecting what we need. As children, we say what we want to say, we do what we want to do. We resent when we are forced. We are true to others. There is no hidden agenda.

As we grow older, there are external influences, like acceptance, for instance. We try to fit in with the rest of the world, and do what is expected of us. We do things because people around us do them and have done so in the past successfully. We do and say stuff to impress others, not to express ourselves…funny but true.

The world is a comedy to those who think…and a tragedy to those who feel.
-Horace Walpole

From my personal experiences which, by the way, aren’t really comprehensive, I agree with what’s quoted above. I have continued to shift between two personalities since the first of days that I can recollect. I have never ceased to amaze myself everyday, as to how I am able to manage my selves.

To that quote up there, I wish to add some more.

Those who feel will feel the darkest depths of pain at times,
But then, those who think can never be completely happy.

The side of me that thinks, the side of me that has been successful in all its endeavours, is the one that has never found peace or happiness. Success, despite the fact that it intoxicates you to a cool high, is NOT happiness. It is usually a means to get there, but most people lose track of their path on the way. The side of me that feels, I admit, has been a bigger loser than anyone else I know (yea, look at this weblog for example), but has also been the most peaceful, content and balanced side of mine. That side reflects who I truly am.

You should not do something because you are good at doing it or because it will fetch you fame and success. You should do something because you like doing it or it gives you the balance. Most of the successful people we know, almost 99% in my opinion, are people who think. The rest of them (the 1%) are, of course, the greatest people who ever lived…those that were successful and content at the same time. Hmmm, I agree, most of the ‘failures’ and ‘misfits’ in this world are those who feel and refuse to think. Nobody wants you to be this way, but that is what you are.

By now, you might have realised that I am not the greatest of writers you know. I have not done justice to the concept or even myself with the words I have chosen, but if you do get something out of this, whoa! Great!

What you feel is who you truly are. The day you realise this, the day you break free of that illusion of society, the day you learn to defy rules and ignore the frowns and discouraging words from the world at large, the day you realise who you really are…accepting your faults as part of you and accepting others’ faults as part of who they are…that day, my friend, shall be your Independence day.


  1. How good would it be if what we think turns out to be in alignment with what we feel.

    "Inside the mind are wasted years
    The soul tries hard to feel"

    Easily said than done, Aswin. But then as you point out, thats why there are only 1% of all.

  2. I am yet to learn to defy rules and ignore the frowns and discouraging words from the world at large. Good thing is that, I atleast accept this fault. But the truth is I don't move forward by accepting this, need to start defying.