29 August 2009

Prof M.Ramachandran

As his students, we thank our Professor's family for letting him go ahead with his passion for ECE, at odd times on many occasions. I remember how he used to say he read some book on ECE over night at that age (in 2006). I remember his first intro to our class in my second year very clearly.

"You see, I talk about various other things in class for 30 minutes, 35 minutes.. Only ten minutes, fifteen minutes I will teach from the syllabus.. I may not complete the whole syllabus at the end of the semester. Usually I don't. Now you may not know, but in the future you will realise.. many students have come back after working for so long and told me, these extra things I share with them in class.. They have actually been more useful...What I tell you will never be in any text book..."

He may not be the best teacher in the world, but he certainly created that love for the subject in so many of his students, which is all a teacher can do.

Thank you sir.

Aswin S
2003 - 2007

23 August 2009

I am back

naan thuli thuliyaai meelgiren...
nee tholaidhooram sella sella...
un idhaya eerppu mella kuraiya,
naan meendum naanaagiren.

நான் துளித் துளியாய் மீள்கிறேன்...
நீ தொலைதூரம் செல்ல செல்ல...
உன் இதய ஈர்ப்பு மெல்ல குறைய,
நான் மீண்டும் நானாகிறேன்.

I am back.


To those who don't understand Thamizh (Tamil, as you know it):

I am rejuvenating, drop by drop,
As you move farther from me,
As your gravitational pull on me slowly reduces,
I am turning into myself...again.

22 August 2009

A day without phonecalls

I didn't attend 42 calls today or so my phone claims.
Worse, I don't even plan to check who called. :)

I should actually feel heavy, since a few calls might have been important (even from office maybe). But I don't. Fact is, I feel so good that I plan to switch my mobile off one day per week (So, I can concentrate on some thing other than "who's calling this time?!").

Did some work, a lot of blog reading, a lot of planning ahead and yea, watched a cool movie.

My contact with the external world shrinks everyday. Guess I am closing down my windows. My parents get this feeling that I don't talk much these days. I think that's because they're used to the motor-mouth I can be.

Here's to Solitude!
It's so much more painless.

21 August 2009

Tech giants unite against Google - BBC News

..The author said she is not surprised by the reaction to the "settlment".

...Most authors work for so little and start from the point of we are doing this for the "love it".

This is not an extract from a blog. This is BBC News, last updated at 09:31 GMT, Friday, 21 August 2009.

Do we expect this from an organisation like BBC? No.