22 August 2009

A day without phonecalls

I didn't attend 42 calls today or so my phone claims.
Worse, I don't even plan to check who called. :)

I should actually feel heavy, since a few calls might have been important (even from office maybe). But I don't. Fact is, I feel so good that I plan to switch my mobile off one day per week (So, I can concentrate on some thing other than "who's calling this time?!").

Did some work, a lot of blog reading, a lot of planning ahead and yea, watched a cool movie.

My contact with the external world shrinks everyday. Guess I am closing down my windows. My parents get this feeling that I don't talk much these days. I think that's because they're used to the motor-mouth I can be.

Here's to Solitude!
It's so much more painless.

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