23 August 2009

I am back

naan thuli thuliyaai meelgiren...
nee tholaidhooram sella sella...
un idhaya eerppu mella kuraiya,
naan meendum naanaagiren.

நான் துளித் துளியாய் மீள்கிறேன்...
நீ தொலைதூரம் செல்ல செல்ல...
உன் இதய ஈர்ப்பு மெல்ல குறைய,
நான் மீண்டும் நானாகிறேன்.

I am back.


To those who don't understand Thamizh (Tamil, as you know it):

I am rejuvenating, drop by drop,
As you move farther from me,
As your gravitational pull on me slowly reduces,
I am turning into myself...again.

This is about something that happened decades earlier. So, there's no way you can know about it. Please refrain from thinking too much.

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