29 September 2009

Love is only once, they say

Don't know how long I can go on like this,
aimlessly, without focus.
I lost life when I lost you,
Now temme what is there for me to do?

You know, I tried to fall in love again once;
Ha, like I could. I did not know that then.
Every time there when things weren't fun,
I yearned for you; Now I hear, 'Ah! These men'.

Would think of you often and how it'd be with you.
How could I be in 'love' with any one else then?
It dawned upon me brightly when you left forever,
I couldn't be complete with out you, Hon.

That was when I knew how much I missed you,
A huge gap in me, but I guess twas a li'l too late.
I quit all my ideas of falling in love with someone else
And went into my shell for ever, Alone will be my state.

You may never know if I even liked you
Though that's on the wall for all to see.
So now, You are happy with another dude,
I'll stay at a distance. I'll let you be.

I can fall in love all over again,
but I realise...only with the same gorgeous face.
No other person in the world can match your
Elegance, fashion, tradition or grace.

Years may pass on, time does fly
I'll flow aimlessly like the river.
Angels may come and angels may go,
but you'll live on in my heart forever!

- Me

PS: you'd want to look at the tags. :)
PS 2: I write all these stuff. But I can't understand this one thing. How can you love someone so selflessly, especially when that person does not think the same way, or worse, does not know you exist?

28 September 2009

To blog? What to blog?! - That's the question

In the early 16th century, Ash de Notre-dames (de notredames - of our women, as it translates from French), commonly called Nitro-damus in astrological circles because of his aggressive nature, had predicted the rise of a great new warrior in early 21st century with reinvented beliefs from the spiritual centre of the world who will finally separate good from evil and let evil burn and rot.

...and He will save all from the turmoils people face today. This can be clearly seen from the lines in his book, "Prophecies? Do you care?" (translated title) given below for your own interpretations.

"Thou shalt see at the dawn of the twenty first thousand from christ
the rise of the warrior from the globe's spiritual gravity.
He shalt say this alone is good
and shove evil down evil's throat."

A confirmation that this author is the person Nitrodamus refers to can be seen from the one word "YaY!" at the bottom of the four-line prediction.

Screw blogs and bloggers. I have nothing to write about! You'll see more of Nitrodamus if this goes on like this.

25 September 2009

Self - confessions : Pudhiya thathuvam 439

I don't know why God sent me here,
but I know he sent you to stop me from becoming a frikkin' villain.
That you did. I didn't become the villain.
Ha, but I didn't become anything else either.

A full article based on a wrong assumption in the Times of India?

In the article "Bigamy: An issue of one too many" in the Sunday Times (Sep 13, 2009), it has been reported that the 1974 Govt survey states that Muslims acoount for 5.6% of all bigamous marriages while Hindus account for 5.8%. In the very next line, it has been implied that 5.8% of all Hindu men are bigamous, by taking the percentage off the 45.3 crore Hindus, showing a 1 crore bigamous hindus as against 12 lakh bigamous muslim men.

On reading the report, I am not sure which of the two statements are wrong, because 5.6% and 5.8% of the same entity (number of bigamous marriages) cannot be so vastly different by any means!

Why TOI is interested in doing religion-based study is not something I can answer, though!

13 September 2009

Life is a game. Play it.

Life is a game.

Is it, really? Is that how people look at life? Have you noticed that if there's anything in this world people don't think of as a game, that's Life and how they lead it?

Funny world.

05 September 2009

One of the best ever!

Source: http://www.marcellosendos.ch/comics/ch/index.html

Happy Go Lucky

I am happy go lucky
Come what may
I am happy go lucky
I just leggo, leggo.

When the big dogs bark
Or when things get dark,
I am happy go lucky
So I leggo, leggo.

When I stare at defeat
and it kicks me off my seat,
Still happy go lucky
I just leggo, leggo.

When I feel like a dork,
Like a Nemo amidst Sharks,
I think I am happy go lucky
Coz I let it go, leggo.

When it broke my feet,
And I looked like dog meat,
I was happy go lucky
I let it go dude.

When they squished my heart
And cut me in parts,
Not so happy or lucky!
I still leggo, leggo.

Even if they twist me like a rope,
I'll smile like the pope.
Coz I am happy go lucky
and I still have my hope. :)