25 September 2009

A full article based on a wrong assumption in the Times of India?

In the article "Bigamy: An issue of one too many" in the Sunday Times (Sep 13, 2009), it has been reported that the 1974 Govt survey states that Muslims acoount for 5.6% of all bigamous marriages while Hindus account for 5.8%. In the very next line, it has been implied that 5.8% of all Hindu men are bigamous, by taking the percentage off the 45.3 crore Hindus, showing a 1 crore bigamous hindus as against 12 lakh bigamous muslim men.

On reading the report, I am not sure which of the two statements are wrong, because 5.6% and 5.8% of the same entity (number of bigamous marriages) cannot be so vastly different by any means!

Why TOI is interested in doing religion-based study is not something I can answer, though!

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