28 September 2009

To blog? What to blog?! - That's the question

In the early 16th century, Ash de Notre-dames (de notredames - of our women, as it translates from French), commonly called Nitro-damus in astrological circles because of his aggressive nature, had predicted the rise of a great new warrior in early 21st century with reinvented beliefs from the spiritual centre of the world who will finally separate good from evil and let evil burn and rot.

...and He will save all from the turmoils people face today. This can be clearly seen from the lines in his book, "Prophecies? Do you care?" (translated title) given below for your own interpretations.

"Thou shalt see at the dawn of the twenty first thousand from christ
the rise of the warrior from the globe's spiritual gravity.
He shalt say this alone is good
and shove evil down evil's throat."

A confirmation that this author is the person Nitrodamus refers to can be seen from the one word "YaY!" at the bottom of the four-line prediction.

Screw blogs and bloggers. I have nothing to write about! You'll see more of Nitrodamus if this goes on like this.

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