20 October 2009

Heaven or Hell?

We were both old and close to ninety five;
To this world, it was time to bid goodbye.
We went up, until the heavenly gate
Where He waited for us; Him, the Great.

'You go to heaven', He told me
'and you, Hell', that was to her.
'but why?' I asked. Couldn't let that be.
Be it God or whoever!

He wouldn't answer me for one whole minute;
Then a smile flashed across His face.
'That she will know', He said coolly,
'When she reaches Hell's red gate.'

'Then, I'll go with her', I declared,
'To argue for her cause.
She deserves Heaven more than me!'
I finished without a pause.

'You can't cross back to heaven then!'
He asked me to dare.
'You will be in Hell forever,
If she's destined to be there!'

'I know she deserves it,
More than You or me or Peace.
If I am stuck, let me be.
Heaven is where she is.'

He stared at me in feigned surprise,
'You know it's all for the best.'
Then, he said, 'Open the heavenly gate!'
Ha! I had passed my test.


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  2. nicely written :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog :) keep visiting :)

  3. @Vibushan Sure :)