05 October 2009

Left and Write

I want to sit still, stay put, do what I love,
and not miss anything.
I want to know what more, than the peace I have (now),
that success alone can bring.

I want to know what's on; every,everywhere,
and all that lies within.
I just want to live and to do what I like...
Tell me, is that much of a sin?

Money is the root cause of all evil
Rats run after it in a race.
If you look at it hard, that is The Devil
that pushes us into that (meaningless) maze.

You don't get a girl, you don't get accepted,
unless you jump in and run the race.
We've grown so irrational...indifferent,
and It's time we saved our face.

I want to sit down and I want to write out
My whole freakin entire life.
I want to relish every minute for one whole hour
Don't take me away from my wife. :P

Yea, I want to just keep writing, whateva's for me;
A success or a failure...
If I ever do stop writing, stop living to live better,
that's when I'd have failed ya.

PS: This post may be grammatically wrong with rhymes that don't actually rhyme, or
maybe the number of syllables in a line go awry once in a while. Well, that was intentional... because, like that old Lifebuoy ad goes,

I - don't - care.

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