15 October 2009

South Waziristan

An old couple live in Kurram agency in the FATA region of Pakistan. Their four sons are in cities from which they cannot even go and visit them because of the blockade put in place by the Taliban. Some people in Pakistan believe that the army is putting off its South Waziristan move because it doesn't think it can come up trumps.

So the BBC says.

Taliban has a good number of Mahsuds, but then, a larger number of them are in the Pakistani army. It may be difficult for USA to distinguish between civilians and militants and terminate the militants, but the Pakistani army and air force should know better. It should find a way to go on the offensive. Years of planning have gone by, and looks like there are years ahead too. These militants have killed more Pakistanis than any one else, and I suppose, are in no mood to change the trend. Why wait then?

Had I been anywhere in an authoritative capacity in my India, I would have pledged support to destroying militancy in South Waziristan at least for the children there who are cut off from true education and the rest of Pakistan. I won't mind if Pakistan takes it or rejects it. Its pride may stand in the way, but had I been a Pakistani, I'll prefer India's help in that region to USA's any day.

IF you haven't seen pictures of the Kurram valley before, I strongly suggest that you do. It's one of the most beautiful places on Earth and it's sad that such a wonder should be surrounded by terrorism.

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  1. A day after I put this up, Pakistani Army has started its offensive!