19 October 2009

Travel - ling - er

Rocket Launch. This is not about Diwali rockets. Real rocket launched by a group of PG students at USC, including a junior (only with respect to year of passing out) from my college. An October sky repeat, I'd say.

There is also this MS guy who usually updates his status with a line he heard from his lecturers that day, very good ones at that. These make you want to take up higher studies.

There is the guy who goes all over USA and sends pics of places you instantly fall in love with. Wish I was there.

There is this fellow who goes all to all hill stations in India in the pretext of work.

There are the fellows who take a car to watch a match at Camp Nou.

There are guys who live so close to Fulham Road they claim that they can hear the sound of the crowd from Stamford Bridge. True or not, their plan did the trick.

Oh, I almost forgot. There is this Ivan who is vehemently refusing his Finland citizenship, much to all our anger.

I want to travel.

Not during weekends. No, I think the negativities in going back to Bangalore to work on Monday outweigh any joy I am going to get there. I want to go some place for three months and another place from there for the next three months. Or something like that.

I want to explore for ever. I am as interested in Harappa as an archeologist can ever be. I want to be an historian in Scotland. I want to research on Mahabalipuram, Hampi and Adichanallur. I want to be a Chelsea fan in Stamford bridge and an Arsenal fan at Emirates; a Bayern fan at Allianz and a Milan fan at San Siro. I want to do all these, and write about them. I want to write for a movie. I want to publish novels.

I want to do much more!

Sigh. Back to work.

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  1. "Sigh. Back to work." too bad.

    When I am back in India and you are like this maybe we can try spending some time at Hampi or Mahabalipuram. ;)