15 November 2009

Lifting Music

Music directors from the Tamil Film Industry have always been respected around the world.

Musicians around the world, from Hungary to USA, have wondered at the Maestro's ability to breathe music. People adore AR Rahman for his unparallelled talent. There may have been instances where even these two greats have been accused of lifting music from somewhere else, but we can never be sure they did it. Personally, I think that it must have been a damn coincidence, because they don't need to do that. Anything off the top of their head would top the charts.

However, it is in the same industry that there are music directors who lift most of their songs from other languages (mostly English) and at times, even old Tamil songs. The worst part is, some of them are celebrated as great music directors. How can 'All Rise' with Tamil lyrics in Unnale Unnale be allowed to top the charts? heck I could even hear 'I rest my case' as such in the tamil version. Hearing such songs from someone as respected as Harris Jeyaraj, I wonder if the title song of the film, which, incidentally, is among my favorites, is also a rip-off of some other song. Whatever, I could only thank him for bringing that song to me which I may not have heard otherwise. Devi Sri Prasad is another music director I am thankful to. The question is, do such songs deserve the 'Song of the year' award?!

Now, what prompted this post??

So I've always liked Karthik Raja's music a lot. This morning, I heard 'Listen with your Heart' from Pocahontas (check it out, a part of it is on Youtube) and understood where he got his best ever song from.



  1. Its been ther for a long time. Thats why I hate Indian movies, its not abt the talent, its about originality...

  2. They have started lifting comedy, so lifting song tunes are so out of fashion these days