17 November 2009

The Man from Earth (2007)

This movie explores the possibility of a man who could live forever, and is very cleverly put forward. The writer should be commended for the research he undertook in coming up with this.

A goodbye party for Professor John Oldman turns into a discussion that explores the possibility of a man who could live for 14000 years. John Oldman, played by David Lee Smith (who, by the way, looks exactly like Robert de Niro), claims he is over 14k years old. He puts forward his case to a gathering, which has a biologist, historians, a student of history (played by a very beautiful Alexis Thorpe - who resembles Emma Watson, only more good looking), a very devout christian woman and a psychologist. It is fun to see that despite their best efforts, no one is able to disprove his case.

Whether he really is the man from the past (who is also Jesus Christ) or just a plain liar is revealed near the end of the movie. Though no scientific queries are answered in the movie, it sure raises a lot of questions. A refreshingly good watch.


  1. Seems you are in a movie watching spree?

  2. a very interesting and entertaining movie.. liked it very much, for the low budget production that has all its strength in its story and dialogues...
    came across this article abt this movie... nice read.. Its a mail from Jerome Bixby the wirter for this movie to a torrent hosting site...


  3. roguegene,

    Interesting read, that!

    Yea, they should have paypal accounts or something. I am willing to pay my share for watching that movie!

    To think I watched 2012 in theaters and a movie like this copied from a friend's system! Duh!

  4. yeah me too.. watched 2012 in theatre.. that was a sorry story..
    and look what we get from our buddy's hdd..gems like this and the sam anderson movie.. :)

  5. Lol.

    Can never forget Sam Anderson. Scenes from that haunt me at times!